Our Team

Our Team Lisa Dougherty | President & Founder

“People with chronic/medical conditions and those who are pregnant can benefit greatly from exercise. They often have no idea that such benefits are easily available, or how to find qualified fitness professionals. I created this network to bring qualified fitness, dietitians & complementary health professionals to the community.”

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Our Team Dr. David Kruse | Chief Medical Officer

“I believe the Medical Fitness Network will help provide individuals with chronic medical conditions access to well-educated fitness & healthcare professionals to help manage their disease and provide a better quality of life.”

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Our Team Dr. John Heydt | Board Chairman

John A. Heydt, MD, serves as Chief Executive Officer for UCR Health and Senior Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs at UCR’s School Of Medicine. Dr. Heydt is Board certified in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine, and is a family medicine professor, specializing in sports medicine.

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Our Team Adam Hoyt | Chief Technical Officer

I am genuinely very proud to be working on an enterprise that has the potential to do so much good for so many people. I want to thank all the wonderful people and organizations who continue to make this network possible.

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Our Team Diana D’Itri | Membership & Marketing Manager

“There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to healing, so having a resource like the MFN where doctors can feel confident about referring screened complementary health care providers and patients can have the freedom to choose the right health care resource for their personal goals, is something that is very exciting to me.”

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Our Team Becky LoBosco | Public Relations Manager

“What excites me most about MFN is the innovative concept and the fast pace work. MFN can be useful for almost anyone due to the wide-variety of services provided. I am excited to continue spreading the word about MFN and look forward to working with fitness professionals, doctors, consumers, non-profits, and many more people…”

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Our Team Ivy Pelletier | Graphic Designer

It’s so exciting to be part of an organization whose primary goal is to help connect patients with specialists who want to aid them through health fitness. There is a real shortage of resources to find these providers. I believe MFN is filling a big gap by making it much easier to find and learn about these providers; MFN is going to make a lot of lives better.

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