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Questions about the Network

Of course not. Our site is geared toward matching people with health practitioners to suit their needs. If you are simply looking for a well credentialed and enthusiastic professional to help with fitness and general well being, then you have come to the right place. Try our search right now.

Have any questions?  Just hit the contact me button you find on every profile page.  The practitioners in our network will be more than happy to tell you if their skills and qualifications fit your needs.

We have invested considerable time and effort to make certain that our search results provides the best results to our users. Like Google and most search engines, our search algorithm is proprietary and subject to change any time in order to improve efficiency.

Here are some of the factors that will determine the results you see.

  • Location (proximity)
  • specified criteria (gender, experience etc., if selected)
  • Applicable coursework and expertise
  • Profile completion
  • Response time (often gathered from other inquiries)

The results you see will have weighted these and several other factors.

Questions about Professional Standards

The requirements vary by profession, and are the generally accepted credentials for that profession. Click HERE for more detailed information on MFN provider requirements.

Yes. Through the insight of our advisory board, we have identified a minimum set of requirements for each of our industries. Professionals who apply for membership must meet these minimum requirements of training, certification, and licensure to be eligible for membership. Please CLICK HERE to see this list of minimum requirements.