Why Work With a Yoga Therapy Professional

Why Work With a Yoga Therapeutic Practitioner

Yoga LessonYoga therapy is using ancient yogic tools to bring optimum health and wellness to the body, mind and the spirit. If you are interested in gaining or achieving and maintaining optimum health and wellness using easy and natural methods such as breathing, meditation and movement then working one-on-one with a Yoga Therapeutic Practitioner is for you. Yoga is not just stretching the body, yoga and meditation literally reshapes the brain and the body! Many recent studies show yoga and meditation results in growth of new brain matter, increases our sense of well being, and improves memory, along with increasing our physical health. Studies have shown yoga and meditation lower blood pressure, and heart rate, decrease cortisol and other stress hormones, decreases chronic pain associated with many diseases such as fibromyalgia and arthritis, decreases inflammation, increases the production of the enzyme telomerase which is associated with cellular longevity, improves balance, decreases anxiety and much more. Yoga and meditation have countless benefits because the changes result in a resetting of the central and peripheral nervous system enhancing the communication between the body and the mind. Essentially yoga helps us create a more efficient system that works together in harmony.

Yoga Therapy is an integrative approach to health with an underlying belief in the innate ability to heal oneself. Western science supports many of the natural ancient techniques that yogis have used for thousands of years and a Yoga Therapeutic Practitioner specializes in bridging the gap of old and new by helping you incorporate the appropriate yoga and Ayurvedic tools (nutrition) that will work best for you and your lifestyle. A healing practice may include one or more of the following: physical postures, breath practices, meditation, natural nutrition, as well as practicing turning inward and examining your thoughts and beliefs. This combined approach of the eight-limbed path of yoga and Ayurveda addresses all aspects of our being with intention of finding the underlying cause of any imbalance rather than just treating symptoms. Working with a Yoga Therapeutic practitioner either alone or with your team of health professionals, you will be guided toward a holistic healing path and empowered in a positive and professional manner.

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