Emergency Contact Data


The EmergencyContactData.com (ECD) mission is to save lives and improve medical outcomes by displaying your medical records within 5-30 seconds anywhere in the world, even if the Internet is down. The service includes multiple access points; mobile, online, photo ID cards, keychain tags, and print to help ensure that first responders and ER doctors have your medical records, regardless of the situation. The service is a simple way for everyone to organize and store their medical records, so they are available at the doctor’s office, pharmacy, and when completing medical forms. The founder of Emergency Contact Data continually heard and read about situations where people needed immediate, proper care and did not get it because first responders and ER doctors could not get the necessary medical records. Emergency Contact Data can improve your medical outcomes and save your life or the life of a loved-one.

The objective of Emergency Contact Data is to provide a simple service that displays and communicates a person’s comprehensive, medical records to those that are attempting to treat them. When a person is unable to communicate on his or her own, or his or her identity is unknown, ECD takes over and provides all the necessary information for them so the best, quality medical care can be provided. It may be as simple as a contact person who can direct medical professionals in the best course of action or as extensive as a person’s comprehensive medical records to include doctors, medications, medical conditions, allergies, procedures, EKG scans, X-Rays and medical alerts. ECD’s objective is to make its service affordable and available to as many people as possible. ECD is determined to improve the well-being of mankind, worldwide.

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