HealthWell Solutions, LLC, Division of HealthWell Corporation, is a Population Health Management Company which develops and manages customized solutions for all types of employers and healthcare organizations. We offer proven, evidence-based products and services which we integrate with each client’s existing resources to provide meaningful outcomes.

We provide nationwide solutions in biometric screening, health coaching, data analytics, incentive management, and telemedicine. Our management team works with each client to customize programs which fit their budget, maximize employee engagement, and target their specific employee population.

Population Health Management to Meet Your Needs

Unique HealthWell Solutions Offerings

  • Customize a wellness plan that reduces health care costs
  • Evidenced-based solutions for outcome measurements and ROI
  • Patient portal, incentive management, challenges and team competitions
  • Emotional health, well-being and stress management

Visit our website to learn more, healthwellcorp.com