What industry leaders and members are saying about the Medical Fitness Network…

Medical Fitness Network came to my attention through the PFP, Pro Fit Pro Magazine. There was an advertisement to join for a special rate for the first year. It was a special I couldn’t pass up since there was nothing I had to really lose by trying it out. If it wasn’t for me, I would just move on but giving it a chance was worth it. The reason I decided to become a member was the title really spoke to me, Medical Fitness Network. I wanted to be a part of group that is dedicated in catering to a greater need by bringing a variety of professionals together into a community. The greater the support of one another, the larger the impact to those we serve.

Being part of the MFN has helped me in many ways. It allows a platform for me to offer my services and display the qualifications I’ve worked so hard to earn. We are constantly highlighted by the network through organizations/associations in which we have invested time in learning through courses, higher education, events and more. By doing so, it helps us to better serve the clients we have and be marketable to those we may not. We are featured within the network as members. This is a great opportunity for us to learn about one another, reach out and seek out other members for varied services that we can refer to other professionals and our clientele. Ultimately the goal is to be the best at what we each provide and always making room to grow and learn.

The MFN offers a variety of options in continued learning, certifications, webinars and more. I’ve benefited from participating in webinars and will take advantage of the other offerings as I am able. There is still more for me to learn and navigate on the website but I encourage anyone that is thinking about joining, to do so. If writing about what you do, experience and how it can help others, is what you enjoy, then we are welcome and encouraged to share article contributions.

Medical Fitness Network is an asset to our industry as Fitness and Medical Professionals to learn how we can come together to make this work for those we serve. We are required to do the job we are hired to do, with the care we would want and expect from someone for ourselves or a loved one. The more we can lean on one another as professionals without superiority or inferiority, the better. I feel that this network is connecting me to better ways to grow as a Fitness Professional and see all the hard work and perseverance done by others to change lives.

Dawn Baker, Personal Trainer, One Accord Fitness LLC

At the time I signed up, I felt that with the plethora of personal trainers who are peddling their stories, the idea of being associated with a more professional organization, such as MFN, was a sound one. I believe that is still true today.

I think MFN is important because the organization’s focus is helping clients / people find an appropriate trainer or other allied healthcare provider, rather than just “making money.” I would recommended MFN to other professionals.

Bill Brothers, Managing Member, FIT SENSE, LLC

Lisa Dougherty’s excitement about the MFN project and the fact that MFN would be a network where quality information by highly qualified professionals in the industry would be shared made it an easy choice for me to decide to join.

There is so much of what I call industry “fluff” out there. It is difficult for the general public to disseminate what is researched and proven, and what is the latest fad in fitness. While MFN is an important online network, there is so much misinformation online from Google searches, fitness magazines, and self-described experts. MFN is a source that I share with my clients to find quality information. We’re not covering the latest fad or quick fix, but health information that is relevant to all of us. I work with the Parkinson’s community. They are not interested in fitness fads. They want to know how exercise can improve their quality of life and manage their disease.

I would absolutely recommend the MFN to other professionals, and I have! MFN is an excellent networking tool for professionals, as well as a great information resource for our clients and students.

Kris Cameron, Owner, ReNu Your Life Personal Training & Wellness

As the need for medical fitness continues to grow, it is important to have organizations like the Medical Fitness Network. Their tireless effort to connect resources and professionals with the people who need them is a huge service to the health-fitness industry. I encourage all health-fitness professionals to get plugged in to the MFN and to promote the MFN’s service to their community

June Chewning, President, Fitness Learning Systems