Why Become an MFN Dietitian or Nutritionist?

Healthy EatingMFN understands that dietitians and nutritionists are the experts in the nutrition field and the best source of credible food and nutrition information.  We’re ready to promote you and make it easier for you to run your nutrition consulting business.

Do you have qualifications that set you apart from other dietitians/nutrtionists? MFN is an easily accessible network that highlights your qualifications.  This makes it easy for clients to find dietitians, like you, who specialize in nutrition for their specific disease.

Are you starting your own nutrition consulting business or trying to grow an existing one?  Let MFN make this easier for you.  Marketing takes time away from your practice so with MFN’s help you can spend more time on your practice and less time marketing.

Are you finding it difficult to get referrals from healthcare professionals?  Becoming a part of MFN allows physicians and other healthcare professionals to see how qualified you are and feel comfortable referring to you.

Our Promise To You

  1. We will focus on referrals from both the community and within the network
  2. We will continue to enhance credibility by building alliances with patient organizations, medical centers and health insurance companies
  3. We will continue to optimize our site to bring clients to our members


  • Discount Continuing Education courses, workshops and webinars
  • Highly customizable profile page and useable URL for business cards
  • Search engine optimized
  • Job postings
  • Referrals within in the network from other professionals
  • Discounts on business products
  • Discounts on orthopedic, physical therapy, massage therapy rehabilitation products
  • Discounts on fitness & sports performance equipment, functional training, balance, bands and tubing
  • Discounts on fitness apparel and shoes
  • Discounts on magazines, books & DVD’s
  • Discounts on travel
  • And so much more!!