Fitness Professionals

Why Become a Medical Fitness Member?

The 100 million baby boomers are expected to live longer than previous generations. According to the CDC as this population ages, we are seeing a significant increase in obesity, chronic disease and individuals with multiple medical conditions.

The number of aging individuals seeking fitness professionals is about to reach it’s tipping point.

Senior Woman Holding Fitness Sign With Family In BackgroundAmong the many conditions a boomer client may face are joint replacements (often two or more), cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, arthritis, Parkinson’s, peripheral neuropathy, osteoporosis, and muscle loss.  Public health efforts to promote health and functional independence are critical strategies in helping older adults stay healthy and live independently.

 Regular physical activity is one globally accepted strategy to promote and preserve health

These clients, once thought of as the exception, are now becoming the norm, and they are seeking the best of the best from our industry to serve them. The healthcare industry is a large benefactor of a longer-living active community.

We feel there is a real opportunity for fitness professionals to become an established part of the healthcare team.

Our Promise to you

  1. We will focus on referrals from both the community and within the network
  2. We will continue to enhance credibility by building alliances with patient organizations, medical centers and health insurance companies
  3. We will continue to optimize our site to bring clients to our members


  • Discount Continuing Education courses, workshops and webinars
  • Highly customizable profile page and useable URL for business cards
  • Search engine optimized
  • Job postings
  • Referrals within the network from other professionals
  • Discounts on business products
  • Discounts on orthopedic, PT, & rehabilitation products
  • Discounts on fitness & sports performance equipment, functional training, balance, bands and tubing
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  • And so much more!!