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What is AFS?
The fastest growing online community of fitness entrepreneurs that take a chance on themselves and strive to start or own the best studios and gyms in the industry.

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Why We Do it
AFS offers the benefits that no one else has, with partnerships with over 70 major industry organizations, that all businesses need to succeed. We empower you to grow your business the right way.

We support your efforts to change more lives. Fitness entrepreneurs can do amazing things but business is hard if done alone. Through AFS, studios and gyms SUCCEED!, and elevate their positions as leaders in their communities.

AFS builds on the passion, compassion and courage its members have already shown. Most of the business challenges of studio/gym ownership are universal, and AFS delivers the tools necessary to enhance management efficiency, marketability, and profitability.


Strengthen Your Credibility
92% of consumers prefer a fitness studio that is a member of a professional trade association and abides by their code of conduct.

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