Healthie is a practice management and telehealth platform for nutrition, fitness, and allied healthcare professionals. Healthie provides a web portal and app that makes it easy to run your business and build close relationships with clients. Our technology platform gives providers tools they need to succeed in coaching and care, contributing to a society with better healthcare outcomes.

  • Save Time and Energy ​- Before Healthie, practitioners and trainers spent 40% of their work time on back-office tasks and juggling multiple tools. Now, they don’t.
  • Increase Revenue​ – Expand your scope of services, reach more clients, and gain new business opportunities.
  • Improve Outcomes​ – Increase client retention when you spend more time supporting them.

Healthie Features

Manage your practice
● Scheduling and automatic appointment reminders
● Embeddable calendar, synced with Google, iCal, and Outlook
● Customizable electronic intake forms and e-signatures
● Electronic charting and e-faxing
● Credit card processing and electronic invoices for client packages

Meet with clients over video chat
● Integrated high-quality video chat, no separate app needed
● Access on web or mobile (​iOS​ and ​Android)​
● Group video conferencing and webinars
● Screen sharing and charting during video counseling

Communicate with clients through a mobile app
● Client photo food logging, journaling, selfies, and goal setting
● Coach comments on photos for real-time accountability
● Secure messaging for client-provider communication between sessions
● Video consultations and appointment scheduling on-the-go
● Integrated activities from wearables like Fitbit

Reach new customers with self-guided programs
● Automated delivery of courses you design for clients
● Hosted educational sessions or webinars for individuals or groups
● Group or personalized quizzes or handouts for clients
● Document sharing for recipes, exercises, and lifestyle recommendations

Learn more at gethealthie.com

Watch a walkthrough of the Healthie platform:

Healthie Business & Marketing Bootcamps

Learn how to launch and grow your business with hour-long, weekly interactive webinars. We cover things like:

  • The essentials of starting a business, like company formation and legal requirements
  • The specifics of telehealth and virtual coaching, insurance, and industry regulations
  • How to think about client packages, building a website, and establishing a niche
  • Digital marketing and social media necessities
  • Marketing through partnerships and local opportunities


MedFit Network professional members receive:

  • 15% off Healthie’s annual Small Practice plan
  • 10% off Healthie’s annual Practice Plus plan

MedFit Network professional members also receive free access to Healthie’s Business and Marketing Bootcamps (with a Healthie Practice Plus membership).