Mobility Matters


Developed by MedFit Network Advisory Board member, Dr. Christian Thompson, Mobility Matters is an innovative exercise assessment and program design platform designed to help fitness professionals and clinicians work with older adults to improve function, prevent falls, and move with confidence. Mobility Matters constructs individualized training programs for fitness professionals to use with any and all of your older clients.

Mobility Matters was developed from the experience and academic research that Chris has performed from working with thousands of older adults in the community.  Simply lead your client/patient through 3 assessments of physical function with some additional descriptive data and our algorithm will produce a customized 18-exercise training program for each older adult consisting of exercises for joint mobility, muscle performance, sensory stimulation, static and dynamic balance, and gait enhancement.  Subscribe now and let Mobility Matters help you Make The Golden Years Great!

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MFN professional members can purchase a subscription to the online platform ranging from $50-$200 for the introductory period (either 3 or 12 months).

When you subscribe, select “MedFit Network Referral” from the drop down referral menu during check-out. For each MFN member subscription referral, Mobility Matters will donate 25% of the sale to the MedFit Education Foundation. The Foundation creates webinar and educational content that is provided to MFN members for free as part of your MFN membership!


As a subscriber you will receive access to Mobility Matter’s research-proven exercise assessment and program design system, a powerful web platform to easily manage your clients, and attentive customer service that will make you proud to be a member of the Mobility Matters team.

For more information on how Mobility Matters program design works, visit