achieve-academy-logoAchieve Academy is a fitness, nutrition and therapeutic education company that has been created by two of the top fitness and wellness professionals in the industry.

Achieve Academy’s mission is to Empower Fitness, Nutrition & Therapeutic Professionals & Business Owners by providing industry leading education along with client and business growth systems delivering success both professionally & financially. Learn more at our website.


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Achieve Academy’s goal is to empower fitness, nutrition and wellness professionals and provide them with the tools to become financially independent and provide a top notch product to the consumer. In 2014 Achieve Academy manages and operates 10 plus – education programs that have been under development for many years and have been proven to have high earning potential and success rates.

Achieve Academy is the academy that helps make fitness, nutrition and therapeutic professionals successful. We provide the top certifications, CEU programs and education in our industry. We provide you the power to market and acquire business to earn the income you desire. Something no other education providers offer making us one of the best options in our industry!

Achieve Academy does this by providing you on going coaching, workshops, national conferences, lead generating systems, an incredible exclusive back-office HUB and much more that is available exclusively to the Achieve Academy certified professional.

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Become a Master Trainer or National Presenter today! Be an educator in the fitness, nutrition or therapeutic industry earning you huge rewards. Even become a CEU provider & train the professionals in your region, nationally or internationally!

Below, you’ll find a sampling of Achieve Academy Master Trainer programs.

Visit our website to view a complete list of programs and upcoming training sessions.

aws-logoThe goal of the Active Wellness Solutions Master Trainer Program is to provide a turn-key solution for fitness, nutrition or therapy professionals who wish to work with our baby boomer and aging populations.

Become a Master Trainer or Coach in the field of working with our senior and baby boomer population. This is a great target market that provides professionals with prospects who often have disposable income. With Industry Expert “D” Wasilewski.

View upcoming training sessions

powerofpregnancyThe Power of Pregnancy is an empowering, life changing and multi-disciplined approach to prenatal fitness. The Power of Pregnancy is an education program that helps fitness professional or anyone wanting to learn more about prenatal fitness, understand the dramatically transforming female body during pregnancy. This course will provide you with tools to enrich a woman’s body, mind and spirit during pregnancy.

Learn more about the Power of Pregnancy training

The Diet Terminator Master Trainer Teaching program is an education program to help fitness and nutrition professionals gain awareness and an understanding of binge eating and to provide a proven system to guide their clients away from binge eating and into steady, healthy weight loss and weight maintenance.

Learn more about the Diet Terminator program.

Achieve AcademyTo be a successful fitness professional or business owner it is not enough to be an excellent trainer – we show you how to fill your client base, and if you wish, how to start up and run a successful fitness business.  Achieve Fitness Systems along with FitBiz workshops shows you the A to Z in being financially independent and successful as a Fitness and/or Wellness Professional.

Workshops include:

      • Develop a full client base in 90 days
      • Portfolio Development for Fitness Professionals
      • Business Time Management Training
      • ROI (Return on Investment) Workshop
      • Financial and Money Management Workshop
      • Hiring and Partnership Development Workshop
      • Fitness Industry Revenue Stream Development Program and Workshop
      • Residential and Corporate Fitness Business Development

Learn more about these FitBiz Workshops


Achieve Academy offers the following courses related to aging, senior fitness, chronic disease, medical condition, and pre or postnatal care:

Active Wellness Solutions Senior Specialist
Diet Terminator Master Trainer Program
Introduction to HeartMonics
Nutrition Empowerment Master Trainer Program
Power of Pregnancy

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