American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists (AASDN)


aasdn-logoAASDN is a 501 (c) 6 non-profit organization with the mission to provide health professionals with sound, scientific nutrition programs, under the guidance of licensed dietetic professionals, to help increase access to nutritional services. Learn more at our website.

AASDN sets itself apart from other nutrition organizations:

  • AASDN programs are based on sound, scientific nutrition information.
  • AASDN programs are created by licensed professionals aimed at allowing non-licensed professionals to safely and legally incorporate nutrition.
  • AASDN programs adhere to state nutrition licensure laws.
  • AASDN members receive unlimited dietitian support.
  • AASDN members (for a small annual membership fee) have access to all the documents necessary to implement nutrition programs.
  • AASDN accepts no funds from advertising, no corporate funds or government grants. AASDN extends its sincere gratitude to members, Nutrition Specialist Certificants and students of other AASDN programs who provide support for all AASDN activities.


MFN professional members receive 10% off Live and Webinar Nutrition Specialist Certification Course and 25% off self-study Nutrition Specialist Certification Course.


AASDN was established in 2001 in response to the need for sound, scientific nutrition programs aimed at allowing non-licensed nutrition professionals to safely and legally incorporate nutrition into their programs. Non-licensed health and fitness professionals have been told that nutrition is beyond their scope of practice and nutrition should be left to Registered Dietitians. While Registered Dietitians are the clinical nutrition experts, the Surgeon General’s office has issued a call to action for all health care professionals to become involved in reducing obesity rates and improving the health of the Nation.

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) the American public is just as likely to seek nutrition information from a personal trainer or health club/gym as they are a registered dietitian. AASDN recognizes that health and fitness professionals can and should play a key role in providing nutrition information to the public.


AASDN has developed several programs aimed at meeting the needs of fitness and health professionals wishing to safely and legally incorporate nutrition into their programs.

Please note that in order to be an AASDN Member, professionals must complete the Nutrition Specialist Certification Course. See available workshops on the website.


Earning the AASDN Nutrition Specialist Certification provides more than a credible level of expertise; it signifies an aptitude, commitment, and dedication to improving the health status clients/patients. The AASDN Nutrition Specialist Certification is the only nutrition certification to offer: scripted programs for children and adults, unlimited sports dietitian support, and all documents needed to immediately incorporate a nutrition program. Learn more at our website.

While dietitians are the “go to” experts in the field of nutrition, Nutrition Managers possess a variety of skills including a well rounded background in fitness, nutrition and healthy eating, as well as the ability to coach patients/clients in achieving total wellness. AASDN Nutrition Managers work directly with an AASDN dietitian allowing them to provide specialized services, including the ability to work with special populations. Learn more at our website

Reasons to Become a Nutrition Manager

  • Ability to create customized menu plans for both children and adults
  • Ability to work with more special populations
  • Access to the new Nutrition Manager Locator system
  • Annual Nutrition Specialist renewal fee waived for all Nutrition Managers
  • Work directly with an AASDN dietitian
  • Access to the interactive Nutrition Manager Center. This center makes it possible to work from any computer, tablet, or cell phone. Available interactive documents and programs include:
    • Menu plans with drop down lists provide individualized menu planning and save precious time
    • Total energy nutrient calculation
    • Free continuing education programs

Whether you are a student, personal trainer, an athletic trainer, a massage therapist, teacher, coach or a licensed dietitian, the AASDN Sports Nutrition Certificate (SNC) can expand your knowledge relating to the field of sports/wellness nutrition and enable you to disseminate this knowledge to professionals within your specific field. Graduates of the Sports Nutrition Certificate (SNC) have the opportunity to become independent Nutrition Specialist Program instructors under the directive of the AASDN.

The goal of the AASDN online Sports Nutrition Certificate Program (SNC) is to provide professionals (non-licensed and licensed professionals) with academic qualifications and experience in sports/wellness nutrition. The curriculum introduces the student to post secondary teaching skills, intermediate level nutrition, alternative medicine, business design and nutrition program design. Learn more at our website.

AASDN is pleased to provide the following continuing education courses. Details for these CECs can be found on our website.


Determining Adequate Protein Intake

How to Choose Healthy Carbohydrates

Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Latest NCCAM Research

Labeling Regulations

Gluten Free – Is It Healthy For Everyone

6 Tip Offs to Rip Offs – Don’t Fall For Health Fraud Scams


Essentials of Coaching

Implementing a Group Program

Implementing an Individual Program


The Business of Nutrition

In collaboration with the National Childhood Obesity Awareness Initiative (NCOAI), AASDN is offering continuing education units for the Youth Nutrition Program

Part 1: Definitions of Obesity- Measuring and defining childhood obesity

Part 2: Rates of Obesity- Discussing the rates of childhood obesity

Part 3: Consequences of Obesity – Itemizing the consequences of childhood obesity

Part 4: School Lunches – Schools identified as the focal point for reducing childhood obesity

Part 5: Serving Sizes – Identifying what constitutes serving and portion sizes

Part 6: Caloric Needs – The science behind determining caloric needs for children

Part 7: Star Associated Food Rating System – Educating, inspiring and motivating children

Part 8: Meal Plans – Colorful, easy to use meal plans based on caloric needs



AASDN offers the following continuing education related to aging, senior fitness, chronic disease, medical condition, and pre or postnatal care:

AASDN Nutrition Specialist Certification Program
Nutrition Manager Program

Determining Adequate Protein Intake
How to Choose Healthy Carbohydrates

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