af_logo_tm_11_9_16Eric Chessen’s Autism Fitness is dedicated to creating exercise programs for all individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

Individuals on the autism spectrum  often have movement deficits that are clearly evident, and many that are less than obvious.  Fitness, and well-designed exercise programs, are gateways towards some of the most crucial developmental objectives for young individuals including Self-Esteem, Self-Efficacy, Independence and Socialization. Fitness should ultimately result in a developing an enjoyment of movement and a lifetime of healthy activity.

aut-fitAt Autism Fitness, a comprehensive assessment, the PAC Profile, created by Founder Eric Chessen is used to determine the physical, adaptive, and cognitive abilities of each athlete. We need to know about these in order to create a program that is appropriate for each individual and will be reinforcing. From there, appropriate exercises, fitness activities, and strategies for teaching can be implemented.

Eric Chessen, founder of Autism Fitness, is dedicated to not only providing fitness programs to individuals on the spectrum, but to educating other fitness trainers, PE and APE coaches, parents, therapists and other professionals on how to optimize development through exercise. With fitness as a cornerstone, optimal development is enabled.

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MFN professional members receive 25% off the Autism Fitness Toolbox, a comprehensive, step-by step guide for developing effective, appropriate, successful exercise and adaptive PE programs for autism and special needs populations.


toolboxThe Autism Fitness Toolbox

The autism fitness toolbox is a comprehensive, step-by step guide for developing effective, appropriate, successful exercise and adaptive PE programs for autism and special needs populations. The concepts and activities ensure that programs can be developed for any individual or group regardless of their current ability levels.

The Autism Fitness Toolbox includes program templates and an extensive video library of assessments, progressions, and regressions.

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autfit-e-book-cover_big_aug-2013Eric Chessen’s Autism Fitness E-book
The “Leading Authority” in fitness, exercise and play for children, teens, and young adults on the Autism Spectrum. This book covers programming for ANY age, ANY ability level, ANY environment.

The Autism Fitness E-Book includes essential information:

  • The 3 Areas of Ability that you absolutely must identify
  • Positive Behavior Support, i.e. ACTUALLY making exercise and movement fun
  • Progression and Regression, the two KEY components of creating a great program

Autism Fitness In My Classroom E-book
Featuring the concepts, exercise activities, and programs used with Autism Fitness athletes, Autism Fitness in MY Classroom is for Adaptive Physical Education coaches, Special Educators, and any instructor who wants to develop fun, effective program for groups of individuals with autism and related special needs.

Autism Fitness Bike to the Future E-book
Bike riding is one of the many childhood activities that helps to build a healthy, active body. It is part of a lifestyle that leads to better physical, adaptive, and cognitive health. It can promote socialization and be a source of family fun. With Eric’s help your child can master the skills needed to ride a bike in no time at all. If there is ever a problem or hitch in the learning process, review some of the chapters. Identify the problem with possible solutions.

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The Autism Fitness Workshop

Autism Fitness seminars are presented by Founder Eric Chessen and will give you the conceptual and hands-on training necessary to develop great fitness programs that are both appropriate and fun.

Seminars are typically attended by fitness trainers, Adaptive PE teachers, special educators, OT/PTs, behavior therapists, and parents.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Physical Fitness for the ASD Population
  • Common Gross Motor Dysfunctions in ASD
  • Assessing – Using the PAC Profile
  • Exercise Selection
  • Progression and Regressions of Exercises
  • Positive Behavior Support, Motivation and Reinforcement
  • Coaching and Teaching Strategies
  • Group Programming

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