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ispi-logoThe International Spine and Pain Institute (ISPI) is a seminar company based in the United States of America which creates and implements cutting edge, high quality and research based education and resources for physical therapists related to spinal disorders, orthopedics, and neuroscience. ISPI believes in creating a superior educational experience by using up to date research material and implementing it into clinical practice. ISPI achieves this by combining sound clinical reasoning, manual therapy, and neuroscience in order to educate and support physical therapists with real life clinical issues. This is achieved through weekend continuing education courses and evening lectures, a certification process, conference presentations and more. ISPI continually strives to promote, enhance, and energize the physical therapy profession. Learn more at our website.


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ispi1The Mission of The International Spine & Pain Institute is to create and implement the best courses possible for physical therapists using high-quality, state of the art, research-based materials related to spinal disorders, orthopedics and pain science.

ISPI strives…

  • To create a superior educational experience for physical therapists
  • To use materials based on the latest, most updated research and clinical practice
  • To educate and support physical therapists with real life clinical issues
  • To promote, enhance and energize the physical therapy profession


Certified Spinal Manual Therapist (CSMT) Certification

ISPI offers a certification process in manual manipulative therapy for physical therapists who want to become specialized in spinal physical therapy. We believe that those who complete the series of courses, assignments, and examinations will become much more skilled, proficient and confident clinicians in the challenging field of treating spinal pain and rehabilitation.

Visit our website for more information, or download our CSMT brochure.

Requirements for certification include:

  • A series of 7 core courses at weekend seminars.
  • A series of electives, of which a student will be asked to choose one, based on their interest and area of patient care.
  • The 7 core courses and 1 elective course must be completed within 5 years. If there is a previous course that does not fall within the 5 year limit, you may retake the course at half price.ispi2
  • Therapists completing the certification will be asked to do either a literature review or a written case-study for possible publication and use in courses.
  • A comprehensive written examination on designated ISPI course material.
  • Take a final practical examination with an ISPI senior instructor.

ISPI is based in Iowa, but offers continuing education courses nationwide, and has a growing list of host facilities.

1. The Lumbar Spine: A Manual Therapy and Pain Science Approach
2. The Thoracic Spine: A Manual Therapy and Pain Science Approach
3. The Cervical Spine: A Manual Therapy and Pain Science Approach
4. The Upper Quadrant: Differential Diagnosis Approach to Manual Therapy
5. The Lower Quadrant: Differential Diagnosis Approach to Manual Therapy
6. A Study of Neurodynamics: The Body’s Living Alarm System
7. Spinal Manipulation I: A Physical Therapy Approach

View course descriptions, and active course schedule

Elective courses available include:

8a. Segmental Spinal Stabilization
8b. Spinal Surgery Rehabilitation
8c. Management of the Whiplash Patient
8d. Therapeutic Neuroscience Education
8e. Headaches – Cesar Fernandez
8f. Spinal Manipulation II (pre-req required)
8g. The Sacroiliac Joint – Ina Diener
8h. Differential Diagnosis of the Foot and Ankle – Steve Forbush
8i. Differential Diagnosis of the Shoulder – Steve Forbush

View course descriptions, and active course schedule

Others Resources

ISPI endorses a number of topical booklets available for purchase at OPTP.
View the list of booklets.

ISPI also maintains a list of free resources for physical therapists and patients. View the list of free resources.

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