National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT)


nccpt-logoThe mission of the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers Certification Board (“NCCPT CB”) is to determine entry-level competence of the Personal Trainer who will provide safe and effective personal training programs to the public.

In carrying out this mission, the Board shall:

  • Create, develop, organize, manage, and administer examinations which assess the knowledge and skills underlying the performance of the tasks required of Certified Personal Trainers.
  • Create, develop and establish standards and procedures for the implementation and administration of certification programs.
  • Acknowledge individuals who successfully pass the CPTE and who continue to maintain their certification by obtaining continuing education requirements set forth by the Recertification Committee of the Board.
  • Determine, establish, implement, promote, and enforce competency performance standards which include a code of ethics and scope of practice for Certified Personal Trainers.
  • Establish and administer Policies and Procedures for personal trainers, including handling professional and ethical concerns or violations pertaining to the NCCPT Certified Personal Trainers and exam candidates.
  • Develop a certification verification process which safeguards the privacy of NCCPT Certified Personal Trainers (CPTs).
  • Determine and establish requirements of continuing education providers.

nccpt-image1Where did this system come from?

The NCCPT study materials are continuously updated based on a variety of research, peer-reviewed journals, government guidelines, a host of healthcare consultants and health and fitness organizations. Although science is a major component and the foundation of personal training, we recognize fitness professionals will be dealing with people. People are not always the same, therefore to be successful, one must also learn the “art” of personal training.

NCCPT Programming Philosophy

We believe health and fitness is like the three legs of a tripod: exercise, rest and nutrition. When programming exercise for a client, we believe it’s important to consider these three factors. It doesn’t matter how much exercise we intend to do, or in which stage of training the client is in; if they’re exhausted or malnourished, performance and even health, will suffer. Therefore, the type of exercise, the amount of exercise and the acute variables of sets, reps, weights and rest periods are all dynamic, depending on the each individual client.

nccpt-image2The NCCPT teaches programming specifics, not specific programming. It’s based on scientific concepts not exact science.

We teach trainers to perform a thorough assessment to each of their clients prior to exercising. A Trainer should always be “assessing.”

Our programming is based on two main concepts: the concept of Periodization from Tudor Bompa and the concept of Specificity or the S.A.I.D. principle (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands). Both of these concepts are well-established in the industry and every major sport and rehabilitation program is based on these two main concepts.

Within the concept of Periodization there are macro cycles and micro cycles. The micro cycle is made up of the actual daily exercise routine. The NCCPT personal trainer is taught to consider four components when writing an exercise program for any client at any juncture in their training.

  • Cardiovascular
  • Strength
  • Stabilization or Proprioception
  • Flexibility

These four components are like four legs of a table and must support the client’s quest in their goals.

In summary, we provide the scientific concepts, assessment techniques and a thought process for trainers to adequately make the best decisions regarding their client’s health and fitness goals.

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NCCPT offers a number of certifications. Below are a few of our available certifications.

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senior-specialist-nccptAs the growth of the aging population continues, so do the issues of longevity and quality of life, which will lead to significant implications for personal trainers. The role of exercise becomes crucial to ensure that these individuals can improve and maintain functional independence, offering many opportunities for personal trainers to help enhance their well being.

As the growth of the aging population continues, so do the issues of longevity and quality of life, which will lead to significant implications for personal trainers. The role of exercise becomes crucial to ensure that these individuals can improve and maintain functional independence, offering many opportunities for personal trainers to help enhance their well being.

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Start your dream career helping people get moving and get healthy! The NCCPT has been certifying health and fitness professionals for over 20 years. We have been proudly providing cutting-edge education, tools and resources throughout the U.S. and international markets. Nationally recognized, we provide students the best value for the best price.

The NCCPT personal training certification was built around the idea that with the right education, fitness professionals can inspire change using every resource within their reach and not be confined to any β€œone” system of training. Our education provides you with the knowledge, skills and abilities to create change with every client you meet, using science as your method and NCCPT as your guide.

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nccpt-groupGroup exercise takes center stage in most health clubs providing both trainers and clients a fun way to stay in shape and keep members coming back. Both new and seasoned professionals can reach more people and increase their marketability by learning how to safely lead and motivate members through a variety of group class formats.

Every fitness professional who is putting passion to purpose is looking for more ways to help others get fit and healthy. The Group Fitness Certification allows you to step out in front amongst other fitness professionals and lead the way towards a healthier future for those who might not desire a one-on-one experience. The fast-paced and dynamic environment calls for outgoing and motivated professionals just like you. Are you ready to lead?

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yoga-nccptExpand your mind as you expand your professional opportunities by becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor. With over 20 million Americans doing some form of a Warrior Pose every day, this niche of fitness has become a certification all in itself. We suggest you breathe, get into your Mountain Pose and calmly click below to learn more.

Opportunities to teach the ancient and transformative benefits of Yoga are everywhere, and now with the NEW the Certified Yoga Instructor Course presents the foundation for teaching Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes online so you can study and learn at your own pace. The videos and manual cover the history and theory of Yoga, body structure and anatomy, yoga poses and sequencing, breath work, tools for teaching yoga effectively, instructing special populations, and the business of the Yoga profession.

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weight-nccptShaping the future has never been more critical in American history. The certified professionals, who take the time to understand the needs of those who are overweight or obese, will be able to address the underlying fitness and nutrition needs of each individual client. From there, your clients can reach and reap the benefits of being happy and healthy again.

It’s not what’s done in the gym that will make you a superhero trainer. It’s what your client does in the kitchen that will raise your status from personal trainer to personal transformer! Using the latest research the Weight Management Specialist course guides you through the essential nutrition knowledge taught and developed by a Registered Dietitian who intimately understands the needs of exercisers of all levels. This course is indispensable for any certified personal trainer who wants to ensure client compliance to healthier nutrition habits and attain unbelievable fitness results.

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NCCPT offers the following continuing education related to aging, senior fitness, chronic disease, medical condition, and pre or postnatal care:

Senior Fitness Specialist Certification

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