Z-Health is an education company dedicated to providing cutting-edge applied pain and performance neurology training to elite health and fitness professionals around the world.

Embracing the power of Brain-Based Training

If the last 50 years of real-world experience have taught us anything, it is that the biomechanical model of movement is limited and that general fitness and training produce general results. While understanding anatomy, physiology and kinesiology is important, these models often bypass the controlling system for movement, the human nervous system.

Z-Health offers a precise, brain-based rehabilitation and high-performance training system specifically designed to bridge the gap between the current biomechanical model and emerging neuroscience.

By combining what most movement professionals already know and do with applied neuroscience assessments and drills, breakthroughs not only happen; they are expected.

It is time to embrace a neurobiomechanical model to maximize results for athletes, clients, and patients.

Z-Health is leading this charge with the most comprehensive neurology-based training system in the industry, now 100% online, from course materials to certification!

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Z-Health was founded in 2003. Since our inception we’ve dedicated ourselves to bridging the gap between healthcare, fitness, sports performance and life-long wellness by providing cutting-edge neurocentric education around the world.


The Z-Health curriculum is broad, but intense, and constantly evolving because we are committed to life-long education for ourselves and our community. While our foundations are firm, we are always looking for better and faster ways to create results and we blend new findings into our courses every few months. Our coursework includes modules on a wide array of topics including:

  • Pain Neuroscience
  • Movement Neurology
  • Biomechanics and Kinesiology
  • Sports Vision Training
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Motor Learning Theory and Application
  • Respiratory Rehabilitation and Training
  • Sports Skill Coaching
  • Modern Strength and Mobility Training
  • Behavior Modification


Z-Health is an integrated curriculum designed for rising, top 1% professionals who want to successfully blend the functional neurology of pain relief and performance enhancement into their work. This means that we believe that every class in the curriculum is equally important, eventually, to the understanding of how the human body & brain work together to create athleticism, performance, and pain relief. However, if you are anything like us, you want to take the most efficient path possible.

For more information visit the Z-Health Courses Page or Course Calendar

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