Body Bar, Inc. is the originator of the weighted exercise bar. A classic fitness tool, the Body Bar® is a simple, one-piece solid steel bar encased in high quality, easy-grip rubber.

Standard 48” Body Bars come in weights from 3-lbs to 24-lbs, with longer models up to 36-lbs. 24” Mini Bars come in weights of 4-, 6-, and 9-lbs. The advantage of the Body Bar is that the weight of each bar is spread evenly over the length of the bar.

User friendly and cost effective, multipurpose Body Bars are used in group exercise classes in fitness clubs and similar facilities around the world, as well as for personal training, physical therapy, and home workouts.

Our website is www.bodybar.com.

The name ‘Body Bar’ is trademarked in the U.S. and a number of foreign countries.


MFN professionals receive 30% off all new bars (weighted Body Bars, Body Bar FLEX, AquaFLEX and NoodleFLEX, FLEX TREK, racks, videos, and bar+video packages). Not applicable to Club packages.


MFN Flex 1Founded in 1987, Body Bar, Inc. developed and introduced a line of steel fitness bars covered in easy grip, durable rubber. Interest in the Body Bar grew quickly as fitness experts such as Sherry Catlin, Molly Fox, and Karen Voight began to incorporate it into their programs. Users liked that the weight spread evenly across the length of the bar enabled full range of motion around the body.

Today, the Body Bar can be found in facilities around the world and is considered an industry standard. It is a versatile tool perfect for resistance training, stretching, and balancing, and is an excellent addition to cardiovascular training.

The concept of “One Bar. Infinite Workouts.” has given group ex instructors and personal trainers the ability to incorporate cost-effective programming into their facilities and workouts. Body Bar is the only manufacturer of weighted exercise bars to offer programming via workout and instructional videos, wall charts, and online content.

Body Bar has a strong industry tradeshow presence, with Body Bar classes being featured at such shows as IDEA World, DCAC, FitnessFest, AAAI, and Athletic Business. Body Bar classes are presented by leading industry professionals, including Sherry Catlin, Keli Roberts, June Kahn, Leslee Bender, and Janis Saffell.


bodybar2The Body Bar is a classic fitness tool; a simple, one-piece solid steel, weighted fitness bar encased in high quality, easy-grip rubber for a secure and comfortable grip. User-friendly, cost-effective and versatile, the Body Bar can be used not only in group exercise and at the fitness center, but also for personal training, physical therapy, and home workouts.

Choose from:

  • The Classic Body Bar: Classic series bars are our most popular and versatile models, used for all types of strength conditioning and functional training. These bars are 48” in length and come in weights of 3-, 4-, 6-, 9-, 12-, 15-lbs.
  • The Mini Body Bar: Mini Bars are shorter versions of the Body Bar. They can add variety to group, Pilates, yoga, and martial arts, or any individual exercise when weighted resistance is desired for unilateral and bilateral training. They are ideal for independent arm movements. 24” Mini Bars are available in weights of 4-, 6-, and 9-lb.
  • The Heavy Body Bar: 18- and 24-lb bars are 48”. The 30-lb bar is 60” and the 36-lb bar is 72” long.

MFN Flex 3While similar in appearance to the weighted bars, the award-winning Body Bar FLEX variable resistance bar is unique as a training tool. It is perfect for those just beginning an exercise program and for those hoping to increase range of motion while building strength.

It consists of a flexible composite rod inside the durable rubber casing, instead of the steel bar inside the weighted bars. Weighing only 1-1/2-lbs (27-oz), the original 48” Body Bar FLEX offers resistance ranging from 0- to 20-lbs when bent into the shape of a ‘U’.  Other resistance levels are available, from 5- to 60-lbs, yet the most resistive model weighs less than 4-lbs.

No other single exercise device can be used for:

  • Stretching and Visual Alignment
  • Repetitions
  • Isometrics
  • Compound Movements
  • Oscillatory Action (shaking the bar)

It can be used for traditional strength and flexibility routines; sport-specific exercises (enhancing both strength and flexibility) for golf, baseball, and basketball; rehab/physical therapy; plus Tabata, Yoga, Barre, and Pilates. One can build flexibility and balance at the same time. Using controlled movement, one will strengthen the core (lower back and abdominal muscles) which will stabilize the body and give the functional range of motion and balance needed for everyday movement.

Its light weight makes it ideal for use by kids and seniors. But, the bar is a great tool for ANYONE who wants to stay active, strong, and independent.

We hold patents 7,951,051; 7,704,198; and 7,112,166 on the Body Bar FLEX.

MFN AquaFlexThe AquaFLEX bar is a lightweight, flexible, variable resistance, and buoyant training tool. It is the same as the award-winning Body Bar FLEX, but adapted for use in chlorine and salt-water pools. The bar’s characteristics add to the body’s natural resistance through the water for a very effective workout!  And it floats!!

The AquaFLEX Program is an effective, low-impact workout for developing muscular strength and endurance, core conditioning, and dynamic flexibility. It is also a fun and unique way to exercise in the pool!

There are many exercises to choose from. Storage requirements, and set-up and take-down times, are minimal. Exercises are designed to target all major muscle groups. All exercises can be adapted to be performed by beginners through advanced participants.

MFN NoodleFlex 2The amazing NoodleFLEX bar combines the dynamic, bendable, and resistive qualities of AquaFLEX, with the flotation and drag properties, plus added buoyancy, of a pool noodle. This is a new, and truly exceptional, water fitness device!

The NoodleFLEX Program is an exciting water fitness experience, which gives aqua instructors a fun and unique way to teach aqua workouts. Exercises can be performed in both shallow and deep water. A buoyancy belt is not necessarily needed, as the NoodleFLEX bar serves as a suspension tool. The bar can be used with the participant in a vertical, diagonal, supine, prone, or tucked position. There are many existing exercises, plus creative trainers can also format their own, distinctive, classes!

MFN FlexTrekAn improvement to the existing Body Bar FLEX Walking Bar, the Body Bar FLEX 355 bars are ideal as a dynamic strengthening tool for power walkers (as in our FLEX TREK programming), as well as in dance and aerobic classes and videos – enabling an enhanced cardio and strengthening element to existing, and popular, formatting such as Zumba™.

The latest design is 14 inches long and weighs 355 grams (0.783-lbs).  It comes as a set of two.

The extra weight comes from round BB’s which move back-and-forth in response to the arm movements.  Therefore, these hand weights are not simply ‘dead weight’. Rather, as one moves one’s hands and arms back-and-forth, the bar bends slightly, plus the BB’s move, increasing resistance.  More stabilizer muscles come into play – the BB’s moving and the movement of the bending bar increases the forces that the hands must resist.  This results in the bars transmitting a larger force to the muscles than a simple weight, in proportion to the speed on the hand/arm movement.  And, users like the light noise caused as the BB’s shift!

This new design is covered by patent #8,038,585.

Top professionals in the fitness industry have joined with us to create the newest and most innovative ways to use the Body Bar, the Body Bar FLEX, and the Mini Body Bar in group & individual exercise. These safe and effective programs combine traditional moves with the latest trends to help you reach your health & fitness goals. View our media items

Classes & Workshops

bodybar4Body Bar offers an extensive program of Instructor Training Workshops and Master Classes that teach how to fully utilize Body Bar products safely and effectively in group exercise and personal training. Originally developed by Sherry Catlin, IDEA 2004 Program Director of the Year, our workshops combine traditional training with the latest industry trends and will take your instructors and personal trainers to the next level of skill, knowledge and practical application.

With over 30 programs, your club will be able to offer a continuing stream of new and bodybar5innovative classes. Body Bar can assist you in creating a seamless, simple and cost effective workshop strategy that will enhance your group exercise program with great programming to suit your particular market. All Body Bar Programs provide Continuing Education Credits from ACE.

Body Bar’s 30+ programs include:

  • Strength and Conditioning Workouts
  • Cardio Interval Training
  • Sport-specific Training
  • Martial Arts
  • Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Tabata
  • Balance and Alignment Formats
  • Kids and Teens Programs
  • Active Adult Programs

Learn more about our master classes and workshops