We are champions for botanical remedies and helping you look and feel like your best self! We founded San Te Therapeutics because we believe that we all deserve to live at our peak state of wellness–vibrant, thriving, and beautiful.

As one of only a few physician/MD-created, owned, and led CBD companies in the marketplace, San Te Therapeutics is steadfastly committed to helping its tribe live their most beautiful lives.

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San Te Therapeutics is dedicated to educating and continuously innovating, evolving, and providing high-quality CBD products. We believe that owning our inner and outer beauty, and standing unapologetically in our own light, inspires our passion to live our most beautiful lives. Whether your most beautiful life includes less discomfort, more tranquility, more calm, more energy, more restful sleep, or improved skin, San Te Therapeutics is here to help you on your journey.

The CBD industry contains hundreds of companies and we, at San Te Therapeutics, know that it can be challenging to find a company that you can trust and rely on. We are here to change that narrative. As a physician-created and led company, we stand behind the Hippocratic Oath of ethics that Dr. Sia took to “first do no harm.” We refuse to cut corners and compromise our integrity and quality to make an extra buck.

We are meticulous in our formulations, hemp CBD and other ingredient sourcing, and testing. Our team includes partnerships with pharmacologists and master formulators in the CBD, health, and beauty industries to ensure that we provide our tribe with the highest quality, most consistent, most effective, and lab-tested 0.00% THC CBD products possible.

Every batch of our products is independently tested by a certified ISO 17025 3rd-party laboratory and our certificates of analysis are displayed on our product pages for full transparency.