SmartVine Wine is cruelty-free, guilt-free wine, that allows you to unwind without undoing all the work you put into an active & healthy lifestyle.

Why SmartVine?

  • Certified Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • 1g of sugar per bottle
  • 2 carbs per glass
  • Low alcohol
  • Organically farmed grapes
  • Certified 100% Glyphosate free (and it is the ONLY wine in the world to hold that distinction)
  • Keto and Paleo Friendly

SmartVine begins with lab tested, hand-picked California grapes, and enhances the experience by infusing it with botanical herbs turmeric, chicory, lemon, and muscadine grape skin. The result is upgraded wine. SmartVine follows the principles of a natural and sustainable winemaking process; our wine is free of added sugar and chemicals. You’re mindful and conscious of everything you consume – why should wine be any different?


MFN professional members receive a free FitKit when they sign up for a new Wine Club membership.

FitKit includes:

  • 2 Free Bottles of Wine (1 Red & 1 White)
  • A Custom SmartVine Branded Corkscrew
  • The 8 Proven Belly Fat Eraser Tips (secret #2 will shock you)