surgebigMost athletes, trainers and fitness enthusiasts are continually in search of new, cutting-edge training methods to improve health, fitness and performance. The SURGE™ is a specialized training device that utilizes fluid to create a “dynamic” form of resistance. This forces the user to challenge both traditional exercises, as well as sport and activity specific movement patterns. As a result, this training apparatus provides a very unique challenge to the joints and stabilizing structures to resist and control the unpredictable nature of the shifting water within this device.

Dynamic-fluid resistance training is the use of specialized, water-filled, device that is used to create an “active” or unstable form of resistance that must be controlled by the user. As the concept of functional training has grown in popularity, the use of water-filled implementation training has become more accepted amongst strength and conditioning, as well as fitness professionals. Other forms of “active resistance” include heavy ropes, chains, and sandbags. As these devices are moved, the mass of the device invariably shifts as it is more unstable than a traditional barbell or dumbbell. These shifts cause disruptions in the normal movement path of an exercise and increase the demands placed on the muscles of the trunk and joint stabilizers to counteract postural disturbances. It has been hypothesized that utilizing such training devices may provide enhanced proprioceptive input, thereby improving joint position sense and kinesthetic awareness. It stands to reason that this augmented neural input may improve core stability and postural control by bolstering neuromuscular communication via augmented feed-forward and feed-back mechanisms (Bird & Stuart, 2012). By enhancing the stability of the core and the specific joints required to stabilize a movement, more efficient movement can be produced at the joints required to be mobile to execute a task as the agonists, antagonists, and stabilizer muscles function in a more organized and synergistic fashion.

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The SURGE™ sets the new standard in the fitness industry today. The SURGE™ goes far above and beyond traditional strength training equipment. The SURGE™ uses Living Resistance to create a Dynamic Movement process that mimics real world movements for your real world life. The fluid shift in the SURGE™ creates an unbalanced, unstable condition that causes the body to constantly adapt to changing forces.

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Surge™ Dynamic Fluid Resistance Training Certification

surge48-hour certification

Designed by a firefighter to simulate situational functionality for resistance training, the Surge™ harnesses fluid dynamics and defines Top-Down Unstable Strength Training for the whole body. Experience how continuous shifts in fluid position and flow rate result in maximal muscle recruitment from head to toe. Combining water motion into the loading of muscle improves motor control patterns by imposing reactive resistance training on the central nervous system. This keeps clients present in the moment, maximizing metabolic cost and caloric expenditure by requiring their entire body to contribute to each lift. From deep core musculature out to limb periphery, the Surge™ rapidly builds strength that is ready for the unexpected, preventing injuries and producing a body suited for work or play. This cutting edge session features independent Surge™ exercises and dual-instability drills accompanying the BOSU® Balance Trainer. Participants will receive the Surge™ Certification Manual and DVD.

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