When I was first introduced to the Medical Fitness Network, I was super excited as I immediately saw the value in having my own profile page and being able to have access to great education programs, medical and health organizations, and the ability to network with other Medical Fitness Professionals like me.

I was also super excited that MFN could connect me to those individuals in my area who needed my help and were looking for a fitness specialist to help them manage their medical conditions through exercise. This year alone, I had 3 individuals reach out to me (two with MS, and one with Parkinson’s) that became consistent clients. This generated an extra $12,000 for me from three people who finally found a “trainer” that understood their needs, knew about their medical condition, and could design an exercise program that was tailor made for them.

The Medical Fitness Network is a valuable resource, educational and marketing tool that has helped connect me to my ideal clients, provide a platform to network with medical fitness colleagues, and has blessed me with the opportunity to build more impactful relationships in my life.

Thank you for all that you are doing and will continue to do for this country.

Trevor Wicken, MS, CES, PES, NKT2, TRX Sports Medicine Practitioner, http://medmitnetwork.org/user/trevor-wicken