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Dawn Baker

Personal Trainer

Bakersfield, CA 93309


Dawn Baker is a Personal Trainer at In Shape Health Club in Bakersfield, CA. Prior to moving to CA in 2017, Dawn founded One Accord Fitness, LLC in Atlanta, GA. She spent her time working as an Independent Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor at various locations. She is from Washington, DC. Dawn has been ... show more.




10-15 Years

Payment Methods

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  • I am interested in working with people who have the following conditions:

    I am certified in: Arthritis • Breast Cancer • Diabetes • Fibromyalgia • Heart Disease • Osteoporosis • Women's Health • Obesity • Post-Surgical
    I am familiar with: Alzheimer's Disease • Cancer - General • Mental Disorders • Multiple Sclerosis • Parkinson's • Respiratory Disease • Stroke


    Harcourt High School -- General Studies

    Bakersfield College -- Kinesiology

    Industry Certifications

    Functional Aging Institute -- Functional Aging Specialistâ„¢

    International Sport Sciences Association (ISSA) -- Fitness Nutrition

    International Sport Sciences Association (ISSA) -- Senior Fitness

    International Sport Sciences Association (ISSA) -- Certified Fitness Trainer

    International Youth and Conditioning Association -- High School Strength and Conditioning Coach

    The Boxing Fitness Institute -- Advanced Boxing Fitness Trainer

    Schwinn Fitness -- Cycling Instructor

    The Boxing Fitness Institute -- Boxing Fitness Trainer

    Healthways Silver Sneakers -- Circuit

    Healthways Silver Sneakers -- Classic

    Healthways Silver Sneakers -- Yoga

    Fitour -- Boot Camp Instructor

    Fitour -- Personal Trainer

    International Sport Sciences Association (ISSA) -- Elite Trainer I — combo

    Prenatal Postpartum Fitness -- Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Design

    Brookbush Institute -- Human Movement Specialist

    Pfilates Method -- Advanced Pelvic Floor Training

    PTA Global -- Personal Trainer

    Aquatics Exercise Association -- Aquatic Fitness Professional

    Continuing Education and Coursework

    Exercise, etc -- Making Fitness A Career: Boot Camp Gold
    Exercise, etc -- Exercise Programs for Older Adults
    Exercise, etc -- Designing Strength Programs: Exercise & the Older Shoulder
    Exercise, etc -- Exercise for Chronic Disabilities: Life After Hip or Knee Replacement
    Institute For Brain Potential -- Reasoning with Unreasonable People: Focus on Disorders of Emotional Regulation
    Exercise, etc -- Exercises & the Older Adult: Essential Functional Exercises for Seniors
    Exercise, etc -- Nutrition for Special Populations: Exercise, Meds & Chronic Disease
    Exercise, etc -- Exercise for Chronic Diseases: Exercise for Frail Elders
    Exercise, etc -- Fitness Trends 2015: Balance and Fall Prevention
    Udemy -- Easy Anatomy and Physiology
    Exercise, etc -- Integrated Postural Training
    DSW Fitness -- Exercise & Heart Disease
    DSW Fitness -- Core Conditioning
    DSW Fitness -- Joint Integrity
    DSW Fitness -- Knee Stabilization
    Exercise, etc -- Senior Fitness
    Exercise, etc -- Making a Fitness Career Designing Exercise Complexes
    Exercise, etc -- Exercise and the older adult Train the Brain
    Exercise, etc -- Athletic Fitness: Top Trends in Strength and Conditioning
    Exercise, etc -- Exercise Programs for Older Adults: A Dozen Functional Activities for Seniors
    Exercise, etc -- Designing Wt Mgmt Programs: Diet, Exercise and Weight Control Past 50
    Exercise, etc -- Training the Core: 21st Century Core Training
    Exercise, etc -- Implementing Wt Mgmt Programs: High Intensity Interval Training
    DSW Fitness -- Sports Injuries Guidebook
    DSW Fitness -- Nutrition for Women Part 2: Diet and Diseases of Lifestyle
    DSW Fitness -- Nutrition for Women Part 3: Menopause and Beyond
    DSW Fitness -- Nutrition Quackery
    DSW Fitness -- Total Control
    Human Kinetics -- Treating Eating Disorders
    Human Kinetics -- Rehabilitating the athlete not just the injury: The psychology of sports injury rehabilitation
    Human Kinetics -- Effective Exercises for Scoliosis
    Human Kinetics -- Breast Cancer Recovery Exercise Program
    Human Kinetics -- Sit and Be Fit Chair Exercise Basics
    Human Kinetics -- 21st Century Core Training
    Human Kinetics -- Weight Management for Teens
    Institute for Brain Potential -- Calming An Overactive Brain
    Institute for Brain Potential -- The Habits of Happy People
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Extreme Interval Training
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Winning at Losing Weight Management Made Simple
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Women Weights and Results
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- The Runners Clinic
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Ultimate Back Exercises for Injury and Performance
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Creating Emotionally Charged Exercise Experiences
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Female Functional Fitness
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- The Physiology of Fat Loss: New Findings
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Hyperwear: The Sandbell Slam
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Women, Hormones, Metabolism and Energy Expenditure: Unraveling a Complex
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- The New Evolution of Core Training
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Correcting Dysfunction Through Intrinsic Biomechanics
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- From the Hip- An Exploration in Structure and Function
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Minimize Inflammation and Improve Performance Recovery
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- The Role of Fascia in Joint Stabilization and Injury Recovery
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- The Holy Grail of Fat Loss- Gain Muscle and Lose Weight Simultaneously
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Nutrition in the News
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Smart Programming for Peri and Post Menopausal Women
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Core Conditioning Combos
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Lebert Fitness: Cool New Tools and Programming for Bootcamps and Group Exercise
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Perform Better Boot Camp 2012
    International Council on Active Aging- Athletic Business Conference -- "Be Careful: I have _____": Safe Performance of Physical Activity
    International Council on Active Aging- Athletic Business Conference -- Training Neuroplasticity: Current Research for Training the Active Older Adult
    International Council on Active Aging- Athletic Business Conference -- Moving to Happiness - Living the Prosperous Life After 50
    Athletic Business Conference -- On Taking the Path Less Known (and Blazing a Trail)
    International Council on Active Aging- Athletic Business Conference -- The Ground: Get Down - Get Up - Rebound!
    Medical Fitness Association- Athletic Business Conference -- Functional Power Training for Mature Populations
    Medical Fitness Association- Athletic Business Conference -- Designing Resistance Programs to Correct Posture
    International Council on Active Aging- Athletic Business Conference -- Strong: Strengthening and Stretching for Older Adults
    International Council on Active Aging- Athletic Business Conference -- Balance Games - Balance Is a Fitness Thing
    Exercise, etc -- Implementing Practical Programs: 2013s Best Boot Camp Drills
    ACE -- Understanding the Psychological Benefits of Exercise to Enhance Client Success
    ACE -- 3 Myths About the Glycemic Index
    Paul Holbrook -- Age Performance
    Athletic Business Conference -- Top Certifications for Group Instructors and Personal Trainers
    ACE -- Anti-Aging Benefits of Exercise
    Healthways Silver Sneakers -- Healthways Core Knowledge Online Module
    Healthways Silver Sneakers -- Silver Sneakers FLEX Instructor
    American Council on Exercise -- Physiology and Mental Health
    International Youth Conditioning Association -- Kinesiology
    ACE -- The 3D Approach to Finding Nutritional Balance Webinar
    Diabetes In Motion -- Diabetes Training Program Level 1
    DSW Fitness -- DMA Level I Certfication
    PTA Global -- Exercise and Stress Management
    TRX -- TRX Qualified Trainer
    National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) -- Mental Toughness
    Brookbush Institute -- Corrective Exercise Lab
    Brookbush Institute -- Performance Program Design
    Aquatic Exercise Association -- Aquatic Personal Training
    MedFit Classroom -- Parkinson’s Disease Fitness Specialist Online Course
    Human Kinetics -- Exercise and Parkinson’s Disease

    Medical Fitness Tour

    The New Blue Ocean: The Opportune Space Between Fitness & Medicine
    Stress: An Overview Of Its Overwhelming Physiological Effects
    Advances In Nutritional Science To Live Healthfully Past 100
    How to Grocery Shop & Apply in Your Kitchen
    How to Create Relationships with Medical & Allied Healthcare
    Quitting for Your Health
    Why Medical Fitness? An Integrative Perspective
    DNA Testing: Defining Your Path To Personalized Health & Wellness
    Exercise Progression For Improving Foot And Ankle Mobility
    The Medical Fitness I.M.P.A.C.T. Plan
    Gut Health: The Microbiome And Beyond
    Endocannabinoid System: Its Role In Human Physiology And Fitness
    Make The Golden Years Great: Exercise Prescription For Active Agers
    Women’s Health Issues
    Using Exercise And Diet To Fight Alzheimer’s

    Additional Certifications

    CPR/AED -- Red Cross

    Liability Insurance -- Lockton Risk Services (ISSA)

    Techniques and Specialities

    Fitness Activities and Specialty Areas

    • Back Pain Prevention/Postrehab
    • Executive Fitness
    • Fitness Assessment
    • Group Exercise
    • Men's Fitness
    • Postrehab/Injury Recovery
    • Stretching
    • Weight Management
    • Women's Fitness
    • Core Training
    • Family Fitness
    • Fitness Education
    • Kids' Fitness
    • Nutrition Coaching
    • Senior Fitness
    • Toning and General Fitness
    • Weight Training
    • Corporate Wellness
    • Fat Loss
    • Flexibility
    • Lower Back Pain
    • Personal Fitness Trainin
    • Strength Training
    • Weight Loss
    • Wellness/Preventive

    Dawn's Locations

    Google Map

    In Shape Health Club, 4801 White Lane, Bakersfield, CA 93309