Fitness Professional

Dawn Baker

Personal Trainer, One Accord Fitness

Bakersfield, CA 93309


My name is Dawn Baker. I am a Fitness Professional and spend most of my day providing Mobile Personal Training. My journey in the Fitness Industry began in 2011 part-time and full-time in 2013. I made a leap of faith from a very stable job to a life-time career. I am certified through International ... show more.




5-10 Years

Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Credit/debit Cards
  • Personal Check
  • I am interested in working with people who have the following conditions:

    I am familiar with: Alzheimer's Disease • Arthritis • Breast Cancer • Cancer - General • Diabetes • Fibromyalgia • Heart Disease • Mental Disorders • Multiple Sclerosis • Parkinson's • Respiratory Disease • Stroke • Women's Health


    Harcourt High School -- General Studies

    Industry Certifications

    Functional Aging Institute -- Functional Aging Specialistâ„¢

    International Sport Sciences Association (ISSA) -- Fitness Nutrition

    International Sport Sciences Association (ISSA) -- Senior Fitness

    International Sport Sciences Association (ISSA) -- Certified Fitness Trainer

    International Youth and Conditioning Association -- High School Strength and Conditioning Coach

    The Boxing Fitness Institute -- Advanced Boxing Fitness Trainer

    Schwinn Fitness -- Cycling Instructor

    The Boxing Fitness Institute -- Boxing Fitness Trainer

    Healthways Silver Sneakers -- Circuit

    Healthways Silver Sneakers -- Classic

    Healthways Silver Sneakers -- Yoga

    Fitour -- Boot Camp Instructor

    Fitour -- Personal Trainer

    International Sport Sciences Association (ISSA) -- Elite Trainer I – combo

    Prenatal Postpartum Fitness -- Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Design

    Brookbush Institute -- Human Movement Specialist

    Continuing Education and Coursework

    Exercise, etc -- Making Fitness A Career: Boot Camp Gold
    Exercise, etc -- Exercise Programs for Older Adults
    Exercise, etc -- Designing Strength Programs: Exercise & the Older Shoulder
    Exercise, etc -- Exercise for Chronic Disabilities: Life After Hip or Knee Replacement
    Institute For Brain Potential -- Reasoning with Unreasonable People: Focus on Disorders of Emotional Regulation
    Exercise, etc -- Exercises & the Older Adult: Essential Functional Exercises for Seniors
    Exercise, etc -- Nutrition for Special Populations: Exercise, Meds & Chronic Disease
    Exercise, etc -- Exercise for Chronic Diseases: Exercise for Frail Elders
    Exercise, etc -- Fitness Trends 2015: Balance and Fall Prevention
    Udemy -- Easy Anatomy and Physiology
    Exercise, etc -- Integrated Postural Training
    DSW Fitness -- Exercise & Heart Disease
    DSW Fitness -- Core Conditioning
    DSW Fitness -- Joint Integrity
    DSW Fitness -- Knee Stabilization
    Exercise, etc -- Senior Fitness
    Exercise, etc -- Making a Fitness Career Designing Exercise Complexes
    Exercise, etc -- Exercise and the older adult Train the Brain
    Exercise, etc -- Athletic Fitness: Top Trends in Strength and Conditioning
    Exercise, etc -- Exercise Programs for Older Adults: A Dozen Functional Activities for Seniors
    Exercise, etc -- Designing Wt Mgmt Programs: Diet, Exercise and Weight Control Past 50
    Exercise, etc -- Training the Core: 21st Century Core Training
    Exercise, etc -- Implementing Wt Mgmt Programs: High Intensity Interval Training
    DSW Fitness -- Sports Injuries Guidebook
    DSW Fitness -- Nutrition for Women Part 2: Diet and Diseases of Lifestyle
    DSW Fitness -- Nutrition for Women Part 3: Menopause and Beyond
    DSW Fitness -- Nutrition Quackery
    DSW Fitness -- Total Control
    Human Kinetics -- Treating Eating Disorders
    Human Kinetics -- Rehabilitating the athlete not just the injury: The psychology of sports injury rehabilitation
    Human Kinetics -- Effective Exercises for Scoliosis
    Human Kinetics -- Breast Cancer Recovery Exercise Program
    Human Kinetics -- Sit and Be Fit Chair Exercise Basics
    Human Kinetics -- 21st Century Core Training
    Human Kinetics -- Weight Management for Teens
    Institute for Brain Potential -- Calming An Overactive Brain
    Institute for Brain Potential -- The Habits of Happy People
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Extreme Interval Training
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Winning at Losing Weight Management Made Simple
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Women Weights and Results
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- The Runners Clinic
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Ultimate Back Exercises for Injury and Performance
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Creating Emotionally Charged Exercise Experiences
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Female Functional Fitness
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- The Physiology of Fat Loss: New Findings
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Hyperwear: The Sandbell Slam
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Women, Hormones, Metabolism and Energy Expenditure: Unraveling a Complex
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- The New Evolution of Core Training
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Correcting Dysfunction Through Intrinsic Biomechanics
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- From the Hip- An Exploration in Structure and Function
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Minimize Inflammation and Improve Performance Recovery
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- The Role of Fascia in Joint Stabilization and Injury Recovery
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- The Holy Grail of Fat Loss- Gain Muscle and Lose Weight Simultaneously
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Nutrition in the News
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Smart Programming for Peri and Post Menopausal Women
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Core Conditioning Combos
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Lebert Fitness: Cool New Tools and Programming for Bootcamps and Group Exercise
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association -- Perform Better Boot Camp 2012
    International Council on Active Aging- Athletic Business Conference -- "Be Careful: I have _____": Safe Performance of Physical Activity
    International Council on Active Aging- Athletic Business Conference -- Training Neuroplasticity: Current Research for Training the Active Older Adult
    International Council on Active Aging- Athletic Business Conference -- Moving to Happiness - Living the Prosperous Life After 50
    Athletic Business Conference -- On Taking the Path Less Known (and Blazing a Trail)
    International Council on Active Aging- Athletic Business Conference -- The Ground: Get Down - Get Up - Rebound!
    Medical Fitness Association- Athletic Business Conference -- Functional Power Training for Mature Populations
    Medical Fitness Association- Athletic Business Conference -- Designing Resistance Programs to Correct Posture
    International Council on Active Aging- Athletic Business Conference -- Strong: Strengthening and Stretching for Older Adults
    International Council on Active Aging- Athletic Business Conference -- Balance Games - Balance Is a Fitness Thing
    Exercise, etc -- Implementing Practical Programs: 2013s Best Boot Camp Drills
    ACE -- Understanding the Psychological Benefits of Exercise to Enhance Client Success
    ACE -- 3 Myths About the Glycemic Index
    Paul Holbrook -- Age Performance
    Athletic Business Conference -- Top Certifications for Group Instructors and Personal Trainers
    ACE -- Anti-Aging Benefits of Exercise
    Healthways Silver Sneakers -- Healthways Core Knowledge Online Module
    Healthways Silver Sneakers -- Silver Sneakers FLEX Instructor
    American Council on Exercise -- Physiology and Mental Health
    International Youth Conditioning Association -- Kinesiology
    ACE -- The 3D Approach to Finding Nutritional Balance Webinar
    Diabetes In Motion -- Diabetes Training Program Level 1
    DSW Fitness -- DMA Level I Certfication

    Additional Certifications

    CPR/AED -- Red Cross

    Liability Insurance -- Philadelphia Insurance Company

    Techniques and Specialities

    Fitness Activities and Specialty Areas

    • Back Pain Prevention/Postrehab
    • Executive Fitness
    • Fitness Assessment
    • Group Exercise
    • Men's Fitness
    • Postrehab/Injury Recovery
    • Stretching
    • Weight Management
    • Women's Fitness
    • Core Training
    • Family Fitness
    • Fitness Education
    • Kids' Fitness
    • Nutrition Coaching
    • Senior Fitness
    • Toning and General Fitness
    • Weight Training
    • Corporate Wellness
    • Fat Loss
    • Flexibility
    • Lower Back Pain
    • Personal Fitness Trainin
    • Strength Training
    • Weight Loss
    • Wellness/Preventive