Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist
Fitness Professional

Mike Robles, EMT-P, CPT, MATs

Owner, CPT, MAT Specialist, Muscle Activation of Tampa

Tampa, FL 33625


Having unwanted sensations in certain positions and motions can be extremely frustrating. I specialize in identifying where these are causing certain muscles not contracting at a quality rate and reestablishing that muscle contraction quality. It really is the missing link in rehab.

Muscle Activation of Tampa is the bay area's premier location for exercise mechanics consulting and Muscle Activation Techniques. We provide a unique approach to giving the greatest possible care in restoring neuromuscular control and joint function through non-invasive techniques. We have a major emphasis on the combined evaluation of bio-motor control and intra-articular joint function.

My job
- Assess and manage the stability of an individuals motor control based on the quality of their muscular contractile capabilities.
- In conjunction with systematically managing the dose of exercise over their lifespan, based on their goals and objectives they want. ... show less.




5-10 Years

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