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Ryan Crandall

Better Balance & Strength 4 Seniors

Tijeras, NM 87059


Hello, I'm Ryan Crandall and I make house visits. Yes, I come straight to you in the Albuquerque area.

A little about me:

I've had a knack for understanding and learning about the human body and mind since I was a young boy. Many trips to the hospital E.R. with numerous sprains, strains, and fractures spurred a never ending curiosity to learn more about why I was getting hurt and to try to understand pain. I have an educational background in Rehab and Psychology, and I love to research in order to help my clients function and move better with less pain. It's what I do, and I do it well. I'm here to help you move better, have less pain, improve your functional strength as well as dynamic balance to help you do more of the activities YOU enjoy!

In addition to being a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA), I'm also movement specialist, creator of my own unique style of yoga, author, & educator to up and coming trainers. Additionally, I'm only one of two Fellows of Applied Functional Science from the world esteemed Gray Institute in the state of New Mexico.

I thoroughly enjoy helping people have more fun and functional lives with less pain & injuries. Funny thing, via my approach people end up often LOSING fat, gaining energy, and gaining muscle. Let's LEARN together and make your journey to health FUN and LIFE LONG!

If you are ready to talk and for me to listen, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page. Don't worry, I do NOT sell your information and it's 100% confidential.
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15-20 Years

Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Paypal
  • Credit/debit Cards
  • Personal Check
  • I am interested in working with people who have the following conditions:

    I am certified in: Alzheimer's Disease • Arthritis • Fibromyalgia • Multiple Sclerosis • Parkinson's • Stroke
    I am familiar with: Breast Cancer • Cancer - General • Diabetes • Heart Disease • Mental Disorders • Respiratory Disease


    Minnesota State University -- Psychology/Biology

    College of St. Catherine -- Physical Therapy Assistant

    Industry Certifications

    Medbridge -- Vestibular Rehabilitation: Vestibular disorders

    National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) -- Personal Trainer

    Functional Aging Institute -- Functional Aging Specialist™

    Functional Aging Institute -- Functional Aging Certificate

    National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) -- Personal Trainer

    Continuing Education and Coursework

    Medbridge -- The Eclectic Approach to Clinical Neurodynamics: Part A
    Medbridge -- Teaching People about Pain
    Medbridge -- Vestibular Rehabilitation: Identification and Management of BPPV
    The McKenzie Institute USA -- Part B: Cervical and Thoracic Spine

    Additional Certifications

    CPR/AED -- American Heart Association

    Liability Insurance -- C.M. Meiers Company

    Techniques and Specialities

    Fitness Activities and Specialty Areas

    • Back Pain Prevention/Postrehab
    • Lower Back Pain
    • Toning and General Fitness
    • Fitness Assessment
    • Senior Fitness
    • Wellness/Preventive
    • Flexibility
    • Strength Training

    Health & Wellness Coaching Techniques

    • Aging Well
    • Medical compliance