Top Health Conditions

How did we become a society of illnesses, along with conditions such as cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and so many other health concerns? According to statistics, the expenses related to health care are on the rise, with almost 4 trillion dollars in 2014. Along with various studies, the reason behind the illness is our body adapted to the environments years ago but has become dysfunctional in this newly created society. Scientists have also reflected on allergies continuing to be widespread and the process of food production has grown significantly along with an inactive lifestyle. What is your top health concern? As we look at the most searched topics, I narrowed it down to the top 10 list of health related topics and ways you can slow down the progression. Obesity:┬áStay active – incorporate physical activity into your day to prevent injuries later and delay the onset of certain diseases, including some cancers, diabetes and heart disease. It can increase blood pressure, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, stroke, and develop respiratory issues. Prevention can provide relief toward depression and increase happiness along with gaining longevity. Find an activity you enjoy, get outside or go to the mall to add in a daily … Continue reading Top Health Conditions