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Healthy Living

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Agility… Can We Keep It? with Pat VanGalen

Agility, often coined the champion of neuromotor abilities, is hit the hardest with aging. Is it a deficiency in sensory input or output? A physiological, neurological or motor issue? An exposure issue? Or a combination

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Breath AS Medicine: The Diaphragm & Functional Movement with Ed Harrold

Learn how proper breathing plays a role in strengthening the diaphragm muscle for proper functional movement as well as parasympathetic activity.

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Fashion Footwear Does Not Belong In Medicine Or Fitness with Dr. Ray McClanahan

Covers basic foot anatomy and a natural foot health approach that focuses on building foot strength, restoring alignment, and maintaining optimal foot function

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Healthy Knees Cycling: The Right Way to Use a Bike to Strengthen Knees and Reduce Knee Pain
with Robin Robertson

In this webinar, you’ll discover why cycling is so good for your knees, how to do a personalized bike fit, and cycling techniques for body position, pedal speed, and pedal tension that will help your clients.

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Your Lifespan vs. Your Diseasespan: Where Do You Fall? with Dr. Jim Herkimer

Longevity is not frequently coupled with good health – age-related disease greatly lowers our quality of life. You can take action to minimize your disease-span and optimize your lifespan.

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Lose It: The Habits of Successful Weight Losers with Dr. Jason Karp

Learn about weight loss and keeping it off using research & analysis of data from the National Weight Control Registry.

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The Meditation Landscape with Angela Singer

When it comes to selecting a meditation method or technique, what factors should be considered and how do they affect the brain and body differently?

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Rebuilding Healthy Foot Function
with Yamuna Zake

The feet are hardly addressed as a necessary part of our fitness programs. Without developing a full understanding of your foot function and learning how to use all the parts of your feet when walking or in any fitness training you will be injured.

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Restoring Health: A Lifestyle Rx with Cate Reade, MS, RD

Lifestyle choices can be the most powerful medicine we have. Learn about practical ways to boost vitality and relieve pain.

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Sleep is Medicine with Beverly Hosford, MS

Sleep good – feel good – nourish your body and mind. Learn simple tips and strategies to help you and your clients get the sleep and subsequent energy desired.

Nutrition & Diet

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Counting Chemicals with Aimee Carlson

Everyone is busy counting calories, when they should be busy counting chemicals! Toxins are the number one contributor to chronic disease and inflammation in the body. 

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Guzzling 8 Glasses a Day Is Not the Way… and 5 Other Ways to Get Hydrated You Don’t Hear About
with Gina Bria

Uncover ways to hydrate in our ever more dehydrating world without drinking even more water.

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Healing A Broken Heart with Delicious Medicine with Tina Martini

Learn about the newest of Chef Tina’s disease-reversing protocols,  targeting advanced heart disease.

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Optimizing Performance and Longevity Through Fasting
with Brendan Vermeire

Intermittent Fasting is much more than a current diet craze! Fasting is the natural feeding behavior of humans that has driven our evolution for thousands of years. 

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The Truth about Food with Dr. David Katz

The truth about food – for the health of people and planet alike – hides in plain sight, like that infamous elephant in the room no one manages to see. Why is simple truth so hard to perceive? Why does it struggle to prevail?

Inspiration & Motivation

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Creating A Belief Road Map with Matt Gersper

Explores 3 big themes: The Perfect Business Model, A Philosophy for Financial Fitness, and Other Philosophies for Happy Living

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Your Essential Purpose with Jonathan Dunn

Uncovering your essential purpose will benefit everyone around you and specifically, the reflection in the mirror.

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