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What the community, professionals and industry leaders are saying about MFN…

I learned of the MedFit Network via the National Osteoporosis Foundation website. Based on my extensive research to find the specialist I needed in my area, who really understood osteoporosis & how exercise should be performed.

I cannot express my belief for the need of a project such as this as an important resource for those of us who have medical issues. The benefits of exercise have been well documented since the 1970’s, if not before. It is when people like me have a setback & need the skills of a professional to get the strength, balance, cardio, & mental well being a good exercise program can provide to prevent further injury & independence.

I appreciate your inspiration and wish you good luck in the future with this endeavor.

MFN Directory User

I wanted to thank MedFit TV and the MedFit Network for inspiring me. After taking 2 webinars, a client told me that my sessions with him were ‘Break Though’ sessions. I learned a lot more about how to work with him too!  MedFit is a very good investment for any trainer!

Sharissa Reichert
Owner/ President, Bene-Fits PT

When I was first introduced to the MedFit Network, I was super excited as I immediately saw the value in having my own profile page and being able to have access to great education programs, medical and health organizations, and the ability to network with other Medical Fitness Professionals like me.

I was also super excited that MFN could connect me to those individuals in my area who needed my help and were looking for a fitness specialist to help them manage their medical conditions through exercise. This year alone, I had 3 individuals reach out to me (two with MS, and one with Parkinson’s) that became consistent clients. This generated an extra $12,000 for me from three people who finally found a “trainer” that understood their needs, knew about their medical condition, and could design an exercise program that was tailor made for them.

The MedFit Network is a valuable resource, educational and marketing tool that has helped connect me to my ideal clients, provide a platform to network with medical fitness colleagues, and has blessed me with the opportunity to build more impactful relationships in my life.

Thank you for all that you are doing and will continue to do for this country.

Trevor Wicken, MS, CES, PES, NKT2, TRX

I have been in the Health and Fitness Industry for over 20 years. Through the years I have received numerous certifications and to this day continue to keep up to date on many health topics. Browsing the different health websites I came across Medical Fitness Network. After scanning and reading about this network, I knew I wanted to be part of the Network team to help and educate clients that are afraid to go to a gym and also clients that go to the gym but don’t see results. Everyone deserves the chance to live a healthier life.

Denise Curry

Regarding webinars: MFN knows how to organize a quality production. WAY TO GO! Very informative, professional, and well-organized. I am glad I could see first-hand some of the programming that you guys offer. Always great to know more about our colleagues and get some first-hand experience.

I think for me personally, the biggest perk was that the content covered something for people with no knowledge of breast cancer as well as for those who do (I know something about breast cancer, but also the info. was great for those who did not). It also was very good about covering for fitness ‘pros’ vs. those who were less experienced (which in my case, is me because I have been out of it for a while professionally). It addressed audiences with varying levels of knowledge of breast cancer and fitness for breast cancer patients/clients. Outside of the content, I also liked the organization of it all, the frequent reminders, the ease of registration, all things that SEEM easy, but are not always the case with training of any type. I think you guys knocked it out of the park!!! For my professional role as it relates to WSA, it helped me to know that there are educated and well-trained fitness professionals out there who are specifically trained in breast cancer issues and seeing first-hand the level of depth that a MFN training offers to people. It would make me very confident to refer someone to a MFN provider using this one webinar as a measuring stick

Cynthia Chafin, M.Ed, MCHES

I have had my profile displayed with the largest existing fitness association and my certifying organization for a number of years. I have never received any serious referrals from either site. Most of the prospects searching these sites are looking for trendy, athletic, or hacked fitness.

In the first week of listing my profile on MFN, I have gotten two solid referrals within my market. Prospective clients who are looking for a higher standard of expertise and care, are turning to MFN, to locate a provider. I should have done this much sooner.

David Bagby

MedFit Network came to my attention through the PFP, Pro Fit Pro Magazine. There was an advertisement to join for a special rate for the first year. It was a special I couldn’t pass up since there was nothing I had to really lose by trying it out. If it wasn’t for me, I would just move on but giving it a chance was worth it. The reason I decided to become a member was the title really spoke to me, Medical Fitness Network. I wanted to be a part of group that is dedicated in catering to a greater need by bringing a variety of professionals together into a community. The greater the support of one another, the larger the impact to those we serve.

Being part of the MFN has helped me in many ways. It allows a platform for me to offer my services and display the qualifications I’ve worked so hard to earn. We are constantly highlighted by the network through organizations/associations in which we have invested time in learning through courses, higher education, events and more. By doing so, it helps us to better serve the clients we have and be marketable to those we may not. We are featured within the network as members. This is a great opportunity for us to learn about one another, reach out and seek out other members for varied services that we can refer to other professionals and our clientele. Ultimately the goal is to be the best at what we each provide and always making room to grow and learn.

The MFN offers a variety of options in continued learning, certifications, webinars and more. I’ve benefited from participating in webinars and will take advantage of the other offerings as I am able. There is still more for me to learn and navigate on the website but I encourage anyone that is thinking about joining, to do so. If writing about what you do, experience and how it can help others, is what you enjoy, then we are welcome and encouraged to share article contributions.

MedFit Network is an asset to our industry as Fitness and Medical Professionals to learn how we can come together to make this work for those we serve. We are required to do the job we are hired to do, with the care we would want and expect from someone for ourselves or a loved one. The more we can lean on one another as professionals without superiority or inferiority, the better. I feel that this network is connecting me to better ways to grow as a Fitness Professional and see all the hard work and perseverance done by others to change lives.

Dawn Baker

At the time I signed up, I felt that with the plethora of personal trainers who are peddling their stories, the idea of being associated with a more professional organization, such as MFN, was a sound one. I believe that is still true today.

I think MFN is important because the organization’s focus is helping clients / people find an appropriate trainer or other allied healthcare provider, rather than just “making money.” I would recommended MFN to other professionals.

Bill Brothers

Lisa Dougherty’s excitement about the MFN project and the fact that MFN would be a network where quality information by highly qualified professionals in the industry would be shared made it an easy choice for me to decide to join.

There is so much of what I call industry “fluff” out there. It is difficult for the general public to disseminate what is researched and proven, and what is the latest fad in fitness. While MFN is an important online network, there is so much misinformation online from Google searches, fitness magazines, and self-described experts. MFN is a source that I share with my clients to find quality information. We’re not covering the latest fad or quick fix, but health information that is relevant to all of us. I work with the Parkinson’s community. They are not interested in fitness fads. They want to know how exercise can improve their quality of life and manage their disease.

I would absolutely recommend the MFN to other professionals, and I have! MFN is an excellent networking tool for professionals, as well as a great information resource for our clients and students.

Kris Cameron

As the need for medical fitness continues to grow, it is important to have organizations like the Medical Fitness Network. Their tireless effort to connect resources and professionals with the people who need them is a huge service to the health-fitness industry. I encourage all health-fitness professionals to get plugged in to the MFN and to promote the MFN’s service to their community

June Chewning

After 30 years in the health and fitness business, I’ve heard a lot of people talk about ‘bridging the gap’ between healthcare and fitness. Of course, that gap was very small, and most of the early proponents were more interested in their business, as opposed to the fitness business as a whole.

Enter the MedFit Network. Since its inception it has had the best interests of the fitness industry in mind, and has worked tirelessly to make this happen.

The industry needs this connection today now more than ever. The need for improved fitness today is as high as ever, and the issues within the medical industry are coming to a head in many areas — especially costs. When most patients can understand and incorporate fitness into their lifestyle — all will benefit. This is the mission of the MedFit Network.

Eric Durak

MedFit Network is a great organization to join for both fitness professionals and healthcare companies. Trainers can be easily found based on the geographic area they’re working at as well as their fitness specialties. Doctors and others in the healthcare industry can confidently refer their patients to find qualified trainers so that their patients receive the exercise care that they need. MFN is a one-stop-shop for all your fitness and medical needs!

Francesca Fisher

MedFit Network is doing one thing that no-one has done before: Putting together professionals from ALL integrative health services who are willing and able to serve people with medical conditions. It’s wonderful to see this Network grow, making it easier for people who most need care to find it easily! Great job, MFN!

Kathy Flippin, CMT, NCTMB

I learned of MFN through two other organizations I belong to CSEP and SKESA. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of something that is sooooo much needed.

MFN is one of a kind in this country. I would definitely hope that Saskatchewan gets on board with you. It is much needed in today’s society. As we approach the electronic age individuals will have a place to access for advice, tips, certifications, information, etc., to further their interests and goals in terms of fitness. Doctors would have a place to access professionally trained personal trainers to help their clients to get fit, even the ones who never exercised before.

I would recommend MFN to other professionals. I know the benefits that your organization does and will do in the future for our health and fitness concerns.

Val Kirk, PT Specialist CSEP-CPT

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of MFN is being able to help even more people become healthy and fit. That is my ultimate goal. I am honored to be a part of such a valued organization and to be associated with so many respected professionals. Through MFN, more folks who have health limitations now have a huge resource for help with their health and fitness like never before.

Mary K. Ludlow

The MedFit Network is one of a kind in the fitness and healthcare industry. Like never before we have a network where the general public has immediate access to search for qualified fitness and allied health professionals in their geographic area. If you or someone you know is looking for a specialist with credentials in areas of rehabilitation relating to chronic diseases, the Medical Fitness Network is your one stop resource. I look forward to helping this network grow and be the leading referral resource that serves those in need of support to reach a quality of life they so deserve.

Brenda Loube

I am thrilled that MFN has been founded to link qualified fitness professionals with the people who need them. There is so much more good that the fitness industry as a whole can do for our population if we all support MFN. Lives can be changed for the better across the country through the MFN initiatives.

Jennifer Urmston Lowe

We enrolled our clubs and fitness professionals in the super registry to better serve special populations. Not only is it very fulfilling to work with those in the most need of our expertise. It also furnishes leads to our highly trained fitness professionals within our facilities. These new members personal train because they want and need the expertise of highly qualified fitness professionals.

If you are the kind of operator that truly wants to make a difference for people, you should join the MFN.
If you are the kind of operator that wants more members to serve within your facility, you should join the MFN.
If you are the kind of operator that wants to do more Personal Training, you should join the MFN.

Bill McBride

I learned about the MFN through the IFPA. I became part of the MFN because I wanted to enhance my reach to more people that needed me, and at the same time, offer help to some prospective clients with special needs! The network is important because it makes it easy for a prospective client to find the right fit as far as professionals go.

I would absolutely recommend MFN to other professionals. In any business, exposure is critical and the more MFN can connect with quality fitness professionals, the better both can serve the public. It is important for our population to be able to easily find qualified professionals and MFN makes it easy.

Phil Nicolaou

The way personal trainers prepare for their occupations are different today than 7-10 years ago. There is no other organization that works as collaboratively integrating medicine/fitness as the MedFitNetwork. MFN has set the vision for the future.

Dr. Dorette Nysewander
Founder & CEO of D Group Consulting Services Inc; Fellow, National Board of Fitness Examiners

National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) is pleased to offer its medically oriented fitness trainers this important network as a resource for promoting their business to patient organizations and the public. This exciting partnership aligns with the NFPT vision to support industry efforts that further public and government respect, trust and confidence in the fitness training certification industry.

Angie Pattengale

I doubt anyone would argue it is important to match clients with special needs to fitness professionals (and representatives from many fields of healthcare) who have acquired the advanced training and experience needed to safely and effectively work with that client. There are currently other registries/ organizations that attempt to do this. What makes the MedFit Network stand out from other groups that have created such a registry is that MFN goes the extra step to facilitate relationships between fitness & healthcare professionals, community members, business partners, and Patient Organizations. I believe the building of these relationships is the ‘missing link’ needed to help the individual with chronic disease locate the help they need. As the MFN registry grows, more and more organizations will come on board and recommend the registry to their membership. Imagine that you are a fitness trainer with special training to work with those with arthritis and you could be referred by the Arthritis Foundation to those clients in your area that need you — this is just one of the many possibilities on the horizon as the MFN grows — and this is why I am proud to support the mission of MFN!

Tammy Petersen

I learned about MFN from AASDN. I think MFN is important because it serves consumers as well as professionals and is a guide to reputable professionals. Physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, nurses, and diabetes educators are my largest source of referrals. With MFN, I can receive more referrals and help more individuals improve their health through nutrition counseling. The webinars and newsletters provide me with ongoing education and addresses topics of interest.

I would recommend MFN to other health professional who want a guide to top notch professionals in the field of wellness.

Lisa Prince

I learned about the MedFi t Network through the Functional Aging Institute. They introduced me to this wonderful network of medical providers focused on wellness. I find the webinars provided by MFN to be very informative and insightful. They cover a wide variety of topics which allows me to learn more about areas I might not be familiar with and to brush up or find some new ideas for areas that I do specialize in. My team and I specialize in working with older adults from boomers to seniors who range from healthy adults to those navigating through medical conditions. It’s important to stay up to date as research and techniques are always evolving. I would definitely recommend the MFN to other professionals.

Aubrey Reinmiller

The MedFit Network really gets it! Finally an organization focused on the Medical Fitness needs of millions of people, and they are working to network to meet those needs. As president of the Functional Aging Institute, I have found their willingness to bring partners together refreshing and something our industry and across industries has needed for a long, long time.

Dan Ritchie

Health is our greatest wealth, a truer phase cannot be spoken. But when health problems strike it can be a daunting and frightening experience. I know it too well, in 1998 I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease Polymyositis and I thought life as I knew it would be over, that I would be forever incapacitated. Having somewhere to go, a centralized resource people can visit and get access to the right professionals is beyond helpful. This personal experience has motivated me to be involved with MFN. Giving people the peace of mind, is a gift that no amount of money can buy. MFN gives that peace of mind.

Keli Roberts

After receiving my certification from the CETI as a Breast Cancer Survivor Specialist, while browsing the internet, I fell upon the MedFit Network and it immediately piqued my interest. As a two time cancer survivor, I was always on the lookout for more solid information about cancer and recovery. MFN, a unique specialized organization unifying health care and fitness, was exactly what I was looking for. As a personal trainer, this is invaluable. Thank you MFN, for your free service to health care professionals and the community.

Ann Rothman

As an independent provider of fitness and yoga programs for 15+ years, I welcomed the opportunity to belong to a network of professionals who are dedicated to the interface between our work and the medical community. It has been a long time coming, and with the amazing expansion of possibilities to connect and share our expertise through social media, MFN is doing the right thing at the right time!

MFN has increased my visibility on the web: I have been featured as a Cancer Exercise Trainer on the MFN site, as well as other cancer support websites working alongside MFN. I’m also following others in my field and in my geographic area who are doing important work. As an independent practitioner, MFN gives me a sense of community and offers opportunities to take short courses on topics of interest.

MFN is also important as a resource for individuals who are searching for fitness support on the web. Many people who could use our services are still unaware that Medical Exercise Specialists even exist! My membership and profile listing has resulted in connections with potential and actual clients in my area who have searched for an exercise specialist to meet their needs.

I highly recommend MFN to other fitness professionals, for all the reasons listed above: as a community of fitness professionals we are stronger, we can lobby for legislation (such as PHIT) we learn from one other, and we have more visibility.

Kym Sevilla

I learned about MFN at a convention for fitness professionals. At the time I knew very little about medical fitness or the organization. After learning about MFN’s mission, I realized they are filling a very important gap in the fitness industry and decided to join.

MFN has personally helped me and my business by connecting me with valuable medical organizations and contacts, and spotlighting me with several of their partners on social media.

Amy Shaabani

The MedFit Network is an incredibly valuable resource for those looking for solutions to increase, gain or regain wellness and fitness despite medical conditions​ or chronic disease​.

MFN offers ​an ​exceptional​​ ​professional educational ​webinar​ series that ​helps ​increase​​ the knowledge of fitness ​& allied healthcare professionals equipping them to work with clients in the prevention and treatment of various medical conditions. The webinars also address business related topics to increase career opportunities for Medical Fitness Professionals.

​This ongoing education​ help professionals to better service these populations, ​grow their businesses, and get referrals from the many affiliations MFN ​partner medical ​& health ​organizations.​

Kara Shears

As a business owner and member of the fitness community, I know that it is our common goal to create ways to help everyone experience a healthier fitter lifestyle. MFN is putting the right people together to reach the people who need it the most. It is my pleasure to be associated with MFN in the valiant effort they are making to reach that goal.

Suzelle Snowden

The MedFit Network is an excellent way for Personal Trainers and other Fitness and Wellness Professionals to work with special populations, as well and people interested in ‘active aging’. If you have interest in these areas, become part of the MFN.

Dr. Kevin D. Steele

MedFit Network is an innovative company with a new idea: let’s create a list of clinicians with expertise in specific conditions, so that patients can build a team with the skills they need. I am an educator who helps massage therapists to work safely with clients who may have complicated situations. Our working together is a natural fit, and I am eager to see where this may lead as massage therapy is increasingly integrated into mainstream health care.

Ruth Werner

The MedFit Network is important because commercial fitness and the private medical sector are so intertwined with each other. It’s important that we work together and this avenue is a great start to do so!

I also love how I was able to get an AED for a HUGE discount because of the relationship I have with the MFN!

Maurice Williams

I was referred to the MFN by The Functional Aging Institute. I initially did a trial membership and realized that this organization provides a sorely needed service by putting people with special fitness needs together with the appropriately educated and experienced professional. I definitely wanted to help further MFN with their mission and as a specialty fitness trainer, it allows me to make a difference.

It has been my immense pleasure to assist arthritis sufferers, stroke patients and others with specialty fitness achieve increase strength, flexibility and mobility. MFN is such an important service as it is an amazing resource to connect specialized professional with those many people that have medical conditions but want to improve their quality of life by getting involved in an exercise and/or wellness program.

I would absolutely recommend MFN to other professionals. MFN gives the professional lots of benefits and great exposure. There are discounts on many business services and educational courses, lots of referrals, tons of archived information from industry leaders. Increase your credibility by being listed on MFN. The best of the best industry professionals can be found on the MFN directory.

Carol Wilson