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Continuing education in the fitness and wellness industry is important, and professionals working with medical conditions, chronic disease and the senior population must have a higher level of knowledge and skill.

MedFit Classroom offers innovative online education for fitness professionals to stay current on prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation for working with seniors, chronic diseases, medical conditions, women’s health and more.

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MedFit Classroom is the online education arm of the MedFit Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, working to connect, create and facilitate continuing education programming to empower fitness and allied healthcare professionals to work confidently with those who have a chronic disease, medical conditions, disabilities or women’s health issues including pre & postnatal care.


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Specialist Courses

  • Arthritis Fitness Specialist
  • Drug and Alcohol Recovery Fitness Specialist
  • Geriatric Fitness and Lifestyle Specialist
  • Parkinson’s Fitness Specialist
  • Medical Fitness Specialist
  • Menopause Fitness Specialist
  • Multiple Sclerosis Fitness Specialist
  • Stroke Recovery Fitness Specialist

Additional Online Courses

  • Discover Your Life with Breath as Medicine
  • Genetic Testing and Personalized Programming for the Fitness Professional
  • Joints of the Human Body: An Exploration of Six Joints and their Wholistic Relationship to the Body
  • The Medical Fitness Impact Plan Program & Kit
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise
  • Profit, Power and Permission: A Course in Escalation for the Fitness Professional