Birthed from a personal journey to find a natural alternative to all the RX meds related to inflammation and pain, the RANGE ESSENTIAL story began.  Our mission is to produce products that allow individuals to continue to pursue their passions (RANGE), and help them to push well beyond what they see as possible.  We see RANGE ESSENTIAL as a vehicle for making a huge positive difference in people’s lives, that has been our number one motivation in making this product available to everyone!

Our goal was to find the best organic oils with the greatest benefits available. After five years of researching, testing and exploring the different regions of origin and properties of each essential oil, we knew we had been blessed with something too special to not share further.

*We began giving it to friends that were dealing with various issues and as we shared it with more people, the list of positive testimonials continued to grow.  People enjoying the benefits of RANGE ESSENTIAL currently include top professional golfers, triathletes, motocross, MMA, basketball, cross-fit, cycling, and all action sports, to mechanics, construction workers, hairdressers, and anyone living an active lifestyle.  The feedback we received was overwhelming and everyone kept asking how and where they could buy it. At that point, we starting turning our kitchen counter into a mini production line full of bottles, oils etc. Talk about farm to table, this was bringing a whole new meaning to the term.

We are extremely excited to introduce all our friends, family, and every individual that is trying to maximize their performance and overall well being to RANGE ESSENTIAL.  It’s our goal to provide every person that joins the RANGE, ESSENTIAL family, with the highest quality ingredients and continued education and inspiration for LOOKING BEYOND and LIVING BEYOND!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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