The Wellness Enterprise

About Us

Since Day 1, The Wellness Enterprise has been dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives and helping to improve the health of our planet.

We envision a world where humans live in harmony with one another and the Earth, in right relationship with water. In this world, people will honor water and in so doing people will be supported with oneness and love.

  • A world where people understand and experience all the benefits of being hydrated by water energized by nature.
  • A world where clean healthy water is the easiest drink to find and buy… for everyone.
  • A world where people have the strength to choose healthy behaviors over their unhealthy habits.
  • And it is a world where single-use plastic water bottles are extinct as dinosaurs.

We give back to communities that share our values and mission so they can have a bigger impact locally and globally. Our IMPACT Projects change from time to time. You can always count on us to donate a portion of profits to projects like The Hydration FoundationThe Farmacy Movement and Doctors Prescription to Hydrate Now.

Hydration Solution Summit

The Hydration Foundation, founded by Gina Bria, is comprised of a group of doctors, scientists and other creative and forward-thinking professionals. In 2018 and 2019, we helped support the life-changing Hydration Solution Summit to help spread the word about the importance of hydration to health and the benefits of using structured water. Top doctors and scientists like Dr. Gerald Pollack, Dr. Linda Lancaster, Dr. Zach Bush, Dr. Rollin McCraty, Michiko Hayashi from the Emoto Peace Project, participated in the summit.

You can still access it here and learn more about health and structured water from some of the best and brightest scientific and medical minds.

The Farmacy Movement

Another one of our projects has involved donating structured water equipment to farmers through the Farmacy Movement. Just four structured water devices are enough to help a farmer regenerate 500 acres of land. And, the best part of that is that structured water will help soil regeneration and food supplies from that 500 acres for many years to come. Click here to visit the Farmacy movement webpage. 

Doctors Prescription to Hydrate Now

Dehydration is a global health epidemic affecting millions of people. In the Doctor’s Prescription to Hydrate Now Course, you can hear from top medical professionals about how you can Drink, Eat and Move your way to optimal hydration.

Thank you for your interest in The Wellness Enterprise and our IMPACT projects. For More information about The Wellness Enterprise and their mission or if you have an idea about how we they contribute to the regeneration of people and the planet, please contact The Wellness Institute.

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