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Newport Beach, CA Nicholas Prukop-fitness-professionals

Nicholas Prukop

Nick has lived on the East Coast as a college student, in the US Air Force as a Captain and Titan II Missile Combat Crew Commander, and the West Coast as a businessman, but in his heart, he is a Maui boy. That’s where his love of health and fitness began, where he spent his youth swimming competitively and playing with his friends.
Since 1989, has been in the world of health and fitness. In 1995 Nick was one of the first professionals to be certified as an ACE “Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant” (now Health Coach). Since 1992 he has been a Certified Personal Trainer and has watched ACE grow into the prestigious organization that it is now. He is now a robust Septuagenarian and a laser beam of productivity and positive energy.
Nick has so much energy and love for life energy, he gets asked often “How did you get to be the way you are at 74?”
He answers: “I loved being fit from my earliest years on Maui in the 50’s. The love of sport and being physically active stayed with me throughout the decades that followed in the form of running, cycling and resistance training. In addition, I learned the value of believing in oneself by going through traumas and events that I would call lifechanging.

The main event I faced recently (at 73 years old) was in being struck by a truck while riding my bike. I suffered 8 fractured ribs and then developed blood clots that left me gasping for breath.

I proved to myself (and to the ER doctors) the value of how the healthy and fit life I had lived literally saved my life. The principle of healthy aging that I had developed for my clients and incorporated into my 74+ years of living – and as discussed in my book “Healthy Aging & You: Your Journey to Becoming Happy, Healthy & Fit“- provided the very the foundation I needed in order to come back and prosper physically, mentally and spiritually.

Let me tell the two most important things that I think can help anyone have as much vitality as possible do in their 70’s:

Being willing to “change your mind” without restriction is by far the most important first step. We all know what we know. But we also have to know that we “don’t know” in order to move forward positively. Being proactive when it comes to your health – (not reactive) – is a good idea to embody. Saying YES to your day TODAY while embracing your contribution to life is part of this step since your choices determine your future!

Second, understanding that success comes to those who are “engaged and ready” is also important. Finding your passion and your “reason for being” is the final piece to the puzzle since once you know WHO you are and Why you are here will guide you to your “greater yet to be”. My “greater yet to be” is simply to be the example of the “change I wish to see in the world” and through my personal example bring hope to people of all ages that “growing older” does NOT mean have to grow OLD!”