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Expect an ally that will accompany you on your journey through the behavioral change process.  The wellness coach puts you in charge of creating your healthiest life possible, but also provides the tools, methods, and supportive relationship that insures greater success.  Coaches sometimes provide health education, but this is not their primary role.  They are experts at behavioral change and lifestyle improvement, rather than experts at the content of wellness topics.

health-coaching-wordglobeExpect a Wellness Professional that focuses on helping people improve their overall Health and Wellbeing. Very often Health & Wellness Coaches work with patients with chronic illnesses such as, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, heart disease, chronic pain, asthma, cancer, osteoporosis, ADHA, healthy weight & nutritional management, metabolic syndrome and many other conditions.  Chronic illnesses and lifestyle are directly related and Health & Wellness Coaches work with patients and clients in developing an integrated holistic wellness plan that promotes positive lasting lifestyle change.

Coaches come from a variety of backgrounds and many are licensed healthcare professionals including physicians, nurses, physical therapists, physician assistants, psychotherapists, counselors, psychologists, health educators, dietitians/nutritionists, fitness professionals to name a few. Often Health Coaches work in disease management companies, insurance companies, employee assistance programs, medical networks, as well as, in private practice.  Coaching can be delivered by phone, webinar, Skype or in person.  Wellness and health coaching is often provided by companies as an employee benefit.

Certified Real Balance Heath & Wellness Coaches™ serve as a patient’s or client’s ally and provide a client centered coach approach that will guide and facilitate a process using the Real Balance Wellness Mapping 360°™ Wellness Coaching Methodology:

Assessment & Exploration Of:

  • Your current status (where you are at now)
  • Where you would like to be (your well-life vision)

Development Of An Integrated Wellness Plan To Work Toward Your Vision

  • Areas of Focus
  • Goals
  • Action Steps

Accountability & Support

  • Tracking
  • Follow up

Ongoing Evaluation

  • What is working
  • What is not working
  • Working through internal and external barriers to change

Clear Measurable Outcomes

  • Positive Lasting Lifestyle Behavioral Change

Health & Wellness Coaches put you in the driver seat and work to connect your values, beliefs and motivation to a wellness plan that you create to achieve your best life possible.