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Member Spotlight: Senior Fitness Specialist in Woodstock, GA

Name: Gina Baumgartner
Location: Woodstock, GA
Website: proptandfitness.com
Member Since: April 2016
Occupation: Personal Trainer

How did you hear about MFN?

I was listening in on a webinar with Functional Aging Institute and Lisa Dougherty and I decided to join.

How do you or your business help those with chronic disease/medical conditions or who need pre & postnatal care?

Our small group personal training is tailored to meet the goals of baby boomers. If a client has had knee replacement surgery, they may need post rehab personal training including corrective exercise and functional exercises that pick up where their physical therapy left off. This helps them stay active or increase their activity level.

What makes you different from all other fitness professional out there?

I take the time to meet with each new client before we begin their personal training sessions. I like to get to know each client. If they have a pre existing medical condition or physical limitations it helps me when designing their exercise program. We meet again throughout the year to see if they have been meeting their fitness goals. My goal is to get to know each client. Some clients may have never exercised before, or never been to a gym. I enjoy introducing exercise to them and making exercise a lifestyle that they can enjoy for a lifetime. My business partner is my husband, Gregg Baumgartner. He is a physical therapist and it is great to collaborate together when designing exercise programs. It makes for a dynamic approach for both personal training and physical therapy services that we provide.

What is your favorite activity or class to participate in?

I enjoy weight training, pilates, mountain biking with my husband and playing the piano.

What is one piece of advice that you would give other fitness professionals about working with special populations or those who need pre & postnatal care?

Take time to get to know each client’s needs and goals and show them you care. Specialize and continue learning whenever you have the opportunity.

What type of community activities are you involved in?

I am a member of the Volunteer Aging Council

What is one of your favorite memories involving working with someone who has a health challenge or disability?

I remember working with Ann. She had major back surgery. and did not know what would exercises to do besides walking on the treadmill. It was great to see Ann gain confidence in the gym as her strength increased. She felt confident to come to the gym and exercise on her own on the days we did not train. She referred her husband to me for training as well. It was great to see a client not let back surgery keep her down and increase strength and be able to exercise and be able to enjoy her everyday activities.

Group training session with Gina

What would you like to see change/develop/emerge in the future of healthcare and the fitness industry?

I would like to see physicians, physical therapists, specialists network with qualified fitness professionals to offer a holistic approach for their clients. For them to educate their clients to be proactive in creating healthy lifestyles to prevent disease and sickness.

What are you doing to make this happen?

I tell my clients to share with their doctors that they are working with a personal trainer and to let the doctor know if they have goals to lower their blood pressure, cholesterol and reduce pain through an exercise program.

What is your favorite fitness/inspirational/motivational quote?

Let your faith be bigger than your fears!

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MedFit Network Team