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Episode 20: Dr. Robert Silverman, Chiropractic Doctor, Clinical Nutritionist, Author, Founder of FitGrinds

“I am drawn to health and people who want to make the world healthy.”

-Dr. Robert Silverman

In this episode of the MedFit Podcast, Dr. Robert Silverman, a functional medicine sports injury chiropractor, author, entrepreneur, and international speaker, deconstructs the “WHY” behind his passion to “make the world a healthy place.” Joining the show from New York, Dr. Silverman expounds on the importance of taking care of the gut and how gut health profoundly affects everything in your body from the brain, to the lungs, to the kidneys and more. Because Dr. Silverman believes that “whatever you do to your gut, you do to your brain,” he delves deeply into the 7 steps to optimizing the gut-brain connection as explained in his book, Inside-Out Health: A Revolutionary Approach to Your Body. His next book, Super Highway to Health, is set to to be released early 2021.

In addition, Dr. Silverman reveals some powerful secrets about coffee that may make you want to rethink what you are putting in your cup. Listen closely and hear why Dr. Silverman developed FitGrinds, an organic coffee that is said to “improve your health with each cup.”

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