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Episode 9: Andrew Wyant, President & CEO, International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)

“I started exercising instead of taking medications… I started running, hired a personal trainer, and lost 50 lbs.”

“Healthier living improves lives. Let’s go after controlled diseases.”

-Andrew Wyant


In this episode of the MedFit Podcast, Andrew Wyant, President and CEO of ISSA, will inspire you to take action against controlled diseases. Andrew, former president of NASM, discusses the evolution of his career from wanting to be what he refers to as “Elite” in the industry to wanting to “Connect” more people with fitness. Andrew reveals how personal health issues were the catalyst that allowed him to view exercise as medicine. After turning to fitness and losing 50 lbs to avoid taking medications, Andrew has since dedicated his life to helping others “fight controllable diseases”. His goal is to “expose over 100 million people to fitness…take an active role in education…develop the research and studies and achieve results.”

Along with the MedFit Network, Andrew is determined to educate more people and make fitness more accessible and affordable!



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