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Member Spotlight: Author and Fitness Specialist Working with Stroke Survivors, Medical Conditions and Fall Prevention

Name: Tracy L. Markley
Location: Florence, Oregon
Website: tracyspersonaltraining.com
Occupation: Studio Owner, Fitness Specialist, Pilates & Yoga Instructor

How do you or your business help those with chronic disease/medical conditions or who need pre & postnatal care?

I work with clients of all ages, but especially seniors and clients who have, balance, neurological issues, heart issues, stroke survivors, MS, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, diabetics and more. I train one on one with clients.

I have written 2 books: “The Stroke of an Artist, The Journey of a Fitness Trainer and a Stroke Survivor” and “Tipping Toward Balance, A Fitness Trainer’s Guide to Stability and Walking”.

Both books have been recognized nationwide and helping those in recovery, their families and those with balance a walking issue. My business helps clients, the community I live in and others who hear my interviews and or read my books with fall prevention, stability and walking, walking gaits, recovering the mind and body from a stroke and other personal challenges each individual clients has come to me to help them with.

What makes you different from all the other fitness professionals out there? 

Since I began in the fitness industry I have always searched out the knowledge and certifications to help me work with clients with the many conditions clients come to us with in this industry.

Both of my books have been recognized nationwide and helping those in recovery, their families and those with balance a walking issue.

I was an examiner for AFAA Group Exercise Testing, and I am a Master Trainer with FiTOUR and hold/instruct live certification workshops.

Each book I wrote, (and my third one is on it’s way) has a special chapter in it with anatomy illustrations and shared knowledge to reach out to other fitness professionals as well as educating clients and others who have my books to help them personally in care.

What is your favorite activity or class to participate in?

I like to hike in the forest and beaches with my dog. I like teaching classes, lol, not taking them. I love core, balance and Pilates. I think Pilates, Joseph Pilates method on Mat or reformer is my most favorite and I love battle ropes.

What is one piece of advice that you would give other fitness professionals about working with special populations or those who need pre-& postnatal care?

I would advise other professionals to learn muscles and the science of movement of the body. I also would advice to be a good communicator and that that also means listening to what the clients feels and says.  Especially with special populations because each case is different and each person is different. Special population workouts are definitely not “cookie cutter workouts for all”.

What type of community activities are you involved in?  

I do talks and demonstrations at stroke recovery support groups and speak and balance and fall prevention. Next month We have a large book/author festival here in town where authors come from all over. I have been asked to sit on a panel with 3 other authors who are New York best sellers. I am so honored. I was asked because I am a new author and self-published and the Author who puts together this festival said she likes how I marked my books and myself as an author. The panel is on marketing books.

What is one of your favorite memories involving working with someone who has a health challenge or disability?

My most favorite is working with a very special man who came to me 6 months post stroke in a walker. It was educational and such a special journey, that it was my first book. I was with him when he got the sensation back his hand, to feel cold and hot. I was with him when he felt his spatial awareness come back. It was such an amazing journey of gains and communication. Although he passed away form surgery complicates when he had just got to 3 years post stroke, his journey and inspiration has lived on to continue to help others worldwide. He wanted this and I promised him no matter what that I would finish the book. He passed away right when it was beginning editing. He was an excellent example of working out everyday will help bring back the brain pathways and movements. This book is on strokesmart.org, a part of the National Stroke Association.

What would you like to see change/develop/emerge in the future of healthcare and the fitness industry?

Trainers and class instructors to become more educated in their work with clients, especially the special needs. It upsets me to see trainers do 1 day certifications then market themselves and trainer clients as if they studied and learned the depth that is needed to bring the quality care needed for these clients. I feel if a trainer limits their knowledge they limit the clients recovery and progress and the client may never understand that is was not their challenge that limited them, it was the limit of the trainer.

And what are you doing to make this happen?

I had goals to make some certification courses with hopes others would reach out and learn, and then I got introduced to Lisa Dougherty [MFN Founder], and I have the opportunity on this large platform to reach more people to help make this happen as a joined group with the others she has brought together. And once my course I am writing are ready to purchase I will market the heck out of them so other fitness professionals know they are available.

What is your favorite fitness/inspirational/motivational quote?

The body was made to move.

The more you sit, the stronger you get at sitting, the more you move the stronger you can become at moving.

Anything else we should know about you? 

I was Tracy’s Personal Training & Boot Camps in Huntington Beach Ca for 17 years, before closing and relocating my studio in Oregon in 2013, where my parents moved to in 1999.

My dog Wasabi has been a therapy dog and has worked with me for a few years in my studio when I was in Huntington Beach and now he does it here.

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