Are People Still Chair Dancing®?

Many years ago in what feels like a land far, far away, my dance career was interrupted by a foot injury which slowed me down but it didn’t stop me.  I was determined to stay active. So began the creation  of, Chair Dancing®. This was over 25 years ago when the term didn’t quite bring to mind what you’re probably thinking about now which leads us to our updated name, Chair Dancing® Fitness and I’m

Where There’s a Will To Exercise, There’s a Way

Why seated exercise you may ask? Simple! When exercise is accessible, easy and comfortable for people, they will exercise more! A recent study linked physical inactivity to more than 5 million deaths worldwide per year more than those caused by smoking. The study revealed that only 20.6 percent of people surveyed met the total recommended amount of exercise — about 23 percent of all men surveyed and 18 percent of the women.