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Where There’s a Will To Exercise, There’s a Way

Why seated exercise you may ask? Simple! When exercise is accessible, easy and comfortable for people, they will exercise more!

A recent study linked physical inactivity to more than 5 million deaths worldwide per year  more than those caused by smoking.  The study revealed that only 20.6 percent of people surveyed met the total recommended amount of exercise — about 23 percent of all men surveyed and 18 percent of the women. It was found that people most likely to exercise were between the ages of 18 and 24 (almost 31 percent of exercisers). Those least likely to engage in physical activity were ages 65 and older (nearly 16 percent of exercisers).

Seated exercise is a great equalizer.  It allows those who otherwise can’t or won’t exercise to join in and insures them opportunity for better health.  Who are these folks?  Anyone who fits into the following categories:

  • Low impact exercisers who avoid injury or re-injury to a hip, knee or foot;
  • People whose workday is constant standing;
  • Folks with imperfect balance and need the benefits of exercise but the security of exercising in a chair;
  • Entry-level exercisers who want a great, safe starting point;
  • Schools or work places that seek a wellness activity ideal for limited space;
  • Families or groups that like the idea of a change of pace, anywhere and everywhere fun and motivational program.



Sit Down & Tone Up Encore by Chair Dancing® Fitness

Exercise is just good medicine. Consistent aerobic exercise reduces body fat, lowers blood concentrations of cholesterol and triglycerides, increases levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, reduces high blood pressure and lowers blood sugar levels. When we make exercise fun, safe and convenient we promote good health!

Here are a few tips for making exercise fun and easy

Tip 1: Ease into exercise.  Remember, some is better than none at all. If you overdo exercise you obscure the reward of exercise with pain. Painful muscle soreness or fatigue is your body’s way of telling you that you are doing too much, too soon!

Tip 2: Make exercise convenient.  Put on exercise shoes and clothes and start doing it! Or, sit down on your chair in any shoes and clothing and start chair dancing® fitness. Just doing it may be what you need to get started.

So, pull up a chair and start exercising!



MFN Industry Expert