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Episode 11: Christine Fitzgerald, Founder, SmartVine Wine

I was a ‘mean nutritionist’ for 20 years…I didn’t drink wine, but my clients did.

Wine has up to 130 grams of sugar in the bottle and 72 chemicals. SmartVine Wine is 100% Vegan, with 1 gram of sugar, no chemicals, no sulfites… the only certified glyphosate-free vineyard in the world.

-Christine Fitzgerald

In this episode, the MedFit Podcast is energized by Christine Fitzgerald, the creator and owner of SmartVine Wine. Based in the heart of wine country in California, Christine discusses how her background as a competitive gymnast and a “mean nutritionist,” led to her idea to revolutionize the wine industry.

Although Christine was not an avid wine drinker, she understood her clients’ desire to enjoy a glass of wine in social settings without experiencing a hangover from the tons of chemicals, sulfites, sugar, and more in each glass. Drawing from her background in herbology, Christine set out to find a solution to improve the quality of wine by infusing her special “remedy” of herbs into the wine produced by the only vineyard in the world that is certified glyphosate free. Through years of research, testing and patience, Christine now proudly presents SmartVine Wine to the world. Listen carefully as Christine exposes the secrets that winemakers never intended for you to know and the power of SmartVine Wine.

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