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Episode 18: JR Burgess, CEO of MedFit Network and HealthOvators

“Healthcare without personal growth, movement and nutrition as the foundation, is not healthcare.”

-JR Burgess

JR Burgess, MS is the CEO of the MedFit Network. He is also the CEO of HealthOvators and the COO of KATALYST Pain Management & Restorative Treatment Center. JR is an international speaker, #1 Bestselling Author of “The Medicine Fitness Impact Plan” and “Cash Practice Success”, husband and father of 4.

We talk with newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of the MedFit Network, JR Burgess. Listen closely as JR shares his personal journey of how he found his purpose for helping people be free from pain at an early age. From overcoming injuries and a life of physical and emotional pain, JR discusses the importance of being transparent, vulnerable, committed, and empathetic as both a healthcare consultant and leader.

After playing an integral role in replicating and integrating a model of care that focuses on regenerative, functional, lifestyle medicine in over 100 clinics world-wide, JR discusses his vision for the MedFit Network. JR reveals how he plans to elevate MedFit by “attaining consumers for MedFit members by getting the right message to consumers” and teaching fitness professionals the proper tools to advocate for themselves once they have the proper knowledge and skillset to be “value-givers.”

It’s clear JR is a tremendous asset to the MedFit Network and his impending keynote at the MedFit Global Education and Career Virtual Conference will surely be of great value to all who attend.



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There’s an undeniable correlation between the rising rates of chronic disease and the growing cases of COVID-19. With so many uncertainties in the medical industry as to how to curve this pandemic, what we do know is that exercise is medicine and that healthcare needs access to certified and trusted Medical Fitness Practitioners to prevent, treat or manage underlying conditions. Unfortunately, there is a dramatic shortage in this profession.

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