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The Exercise Prescription

With the recent push for getting everybody moving, for some, Health Screening, Exercise Testing, Exercise Prescription as well as Fitness Programming are all areas where professional guidance may be necessary. The knowledge and experience of multiple Healthcare and Fitness Professionals combined provides a holistic approach for a lifetime of optimal health and well-being.

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Strength Training During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of many physical changes for a woman, and recent research has shown that maintaining or even starting an exercise program can provide benefits to pregnant women and their babies. The majority of research has focused on cardiovascular exercise, but the importance of strength training during pregnancy is often overlooked.

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Current Guidelines for Prenatal Fitness

The interest and need for maternal fitness guidelines is increasing as more woman who are physically active become pregnant. Recent studies have shown that regular exercise at moderate to somewhat hard levels during pregnancy has positive benefits. These benefits include reduced level of fat deposition and retention, shorter and less complicated labors, and a quicker recovery postpartum. In addition, women who exercise during and after pregnancy tend to have greater energy levels, deal better with physiological and psychological stresses and develop fewer physical complaints.


Research and Educational Foundations of Prenatal Massage Therapy

Over the last three decades, thousands of licensed massage therapists have trained to become maternity-massage therapy specialists, but nurturing touch during pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period isn’t a modern concept. For many centuries, midwives have used their highly developed hands-on skills in supporting gestation and birth. Massage and movement during the childbearing experience was and continues to be a prominent part of many cultures’ maternity care


Omega-3 Supplementation — Help Clients Sort Through the Fish Oil Facts

Despite recent published reports suggesting that omega-3 supplements lack the cardiovascular health benefits they once claimed and could be associated with various health risks, many people continue to use them. According to the 2014 ConsumerLab.com survey of 10,000 supplement users, fish/marine oil supplements still were popular, with 67.2% of respondents using them.