Patient Activation Network Interview with Alene Brennan

Matt Cavallo, MPH, patient advocate, author and speaker, interviews Alene Brennan, a Nutrition Coach, Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer and Natural Food Chef.  Alene overcame debilitating migraine headaches through diet and lifestyle and is now once again using a “Less Pharm, More Table” approach is managing her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Since receiving her MS diagnosis and seeing first-hand the power of using diet and lifestyle to create a healing environment in the

Fearing the Gym after Injury or Illness

One of the activities my wife and I used to really enjoy doing together was going to the gym. We had a personal trainer named Eric. Eric was funny, knowledgeable and understood how to maximize the workout for both me and my wife. Having a personal trainer that understood both our individual needs kept us motivated to workout. Eventually we moved and got a gym membership. However, we did not sign up with a personal trainer and the gym experience was no longer that unified activity we enjoyed together like we did when we worked out with Eric.