Why Mobile Health Apps FAIL

What went wrong? Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk reacts to a mobile health app that failed to gain adoption in this recent trial… My heart stopped. No way… Is this true? Is this even possible? Have I missed something in my work? Is mobile health off base? I read the title of the research paper again and again… “Lack of Adoption of a Mobile App … Analysis of Staff and Patients in a

Health Trackers & Apps are Dangerous… Scientists Say What?

With over 165,000 health-related apps in the App Store and Millions of wearables in the hands of the general public, scientists are wondering if they are “doing more harm than good”? One expert commented that the field can be “likened to the snake oil salesmen of the 1860s.” Is this true? Question: What is the danger of health-related technologies in the hands of the general public? Answer: Because health-related technology

Success in Life & Business… It’s a Matter of Touch

I am sure you would agree that effective communication plays a significant role in relationships with clients, customers, patients, partners, family members, colleagues, friends, etc. But what about when those individuals are away from you? Do you fill that void effectively and systematically or do you leave it to chance? Maximizing success in life and in business is dependent upon a complete relationship. To optimize your success you must see