Lately I can’t go to the gym without someone coming up to me looking for advice because in their efforts to remain fit and active they have hit a roadblock. Something hurts- a sore knee, achy shoulder or bad back that goes out more than they do. Ditto for my practice where I have seen a significant increase in exercise related ailments. I should give out orthopedic frequent flyer miles.

Footnotes: Your Amazing Feet and How to Keep Them Healthy

It’s pretty amazing that we all don’t suffer with achy feet. Leonardo Da Vinci, artist and engineer, said that “the human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art”. According to The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, each foot has approximately 100 working parts including 26 bones and 33 joints. Twenty-five percent of all the bones in your skeleton reside in your feet, and they work hard.

Alcohol and Your Health – Cheers! or Not?

Depending with whom you speak, alcohol can be a villain or it can be a hero. We have long known that alcohol can help reduce the stress of everyday life, and even relaxes our most tightly wound friends and associates. Recent data also suggests that fairly regular alcohol ingestion is actually good for your heart. This is probably one of the reasons that many European countries, where wine is a

For Optimal Workouts, Learn to RECOVER Like the Pros

Your body was built to move but to move effectively and efficiently, especially over the long haul, it needs to rest. At any given point in time a significant percentage of competitive athletes and even fitness buffs are over-trained. The “overtraining syndrome” is brought on by athletes falling into the ‘too much, too hard, too frequent and too little rest’ mode. Usually done to improve performance, but ultimately resulting in

Running on Empty

Planet earth really should be called the water planet. 71% of the earth’s surface is covered with water. Also, when you explore land, air, and sea, it becomes quite obvious that perhaps the most interesting world lies under the water. An ecosystem so diverse, expansive and fascinating. It should be no surprise that water has an even more amazing impact on the human body where well over 50% is made

Hit a Plateau on Your Fitness Path???

It shouldn’t take a genius to realize when something just isn’t working, yet every day so many of us seem to get nowhere with where we are trying to go. This happens in all aspects of life, our work, relationships, and many other areas, but where I see it cause the most difficulties and frustration, is with our health and fitness plans.

Rebuilding and Regenerating Damaged Knees: The Future Has Arrived!

If you grew up in the 1970s, you may remember the Six Million Dollar Man TV show with Steve Austin. The show began with a futuristic-type regeneration of an injured Steve Austin, and they would say, “we have the technology, we can rebuild him.” It was a great one-liner, but seem so far-fetched. Fast forward 30 years, or just one generation. The future is now. We have the technology!

Are You 3D Fit?

Designing workouts for optimal health, performance and longevity can be a challenge. Over the years I have worked with many high level athletes and the fittest and most successful rarely ever rely on any one workout or routine. They usually approaching it like assembling pieces of a puzzle, consistently challenging their bodies in multiple ways. No single workout or activity provides all the necessary pieces. Does your training and workouts have all the necessary ingredients? If you are a fitness professional, can you be doing more for your clients?

Longevity vs. Durability: Can You Have Both?

We’ve extended the warranty on the human heart, and people are living longer. We’ve improved care for skin, and people look better. But it’s your frame that gets you where you need to go whenever you need to get there. Without the proper care, your bones and joints can all too easily become the limiting factor in your enjoyment of life. Have you outlived the warranty on your frame? Would you like an extended warranty?

No Time for Exercise? Let’s Do the Math!

Time, time, time. There never seems to be enough. This is especially true for busy executives and business travelers, not to mention parents, coaches, teacher, doctors, nurses… well, just about everyone in this over-scheduled world. Unfortunately, when Mr. Timecrunch visits, it’s usually our health that picks up the tab.