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Cancer Word Cloud Concept in Red Caps

Understand Cancer… Then We Can Understand The Role of Exercise in Cancer Prevention and Treatment

We who have our hearts and souls devoted to exercise for disease recovery, medical fitness, know not only the fun, endorphinating, energizing, beautiful physicality of exercise, but we also know the healing hands of exercise. Exercise truly holds the key to our inner magic kingdom. Our bodies are a wonderland. Wonderland has an inner ecosystem that like any ecosystem needs to be kept in balance. Chinese medicine describes our flow of Qi. Without the flow of Qi, our life’s force, the ecosystem is jolted out of balance.


In Sickness and in Movement

I have a personal and professional mission to help people move. Helping them move with no pain while accomplishing their goals and enjoying life. Movement is everything. But we don’t give it the credit it deserves in our society today. Lack of movement (which could be considered “sickness”) is leading to many of the issues we face in medicine and movement health today. What would be reasons why someone is unable to move? First things that come to mind is physical size restrictions (obesity) or because it hurts (chronic pain). Here’s some food for thought…


Massage Helps Cancer Patients Greet the Day

Denise Bell was approaching 10 years as an ovarian cancer survivor and planned to treat herself to an exotic vacation—then, her routine mammogram revealed inflamed lymph nodes. When her doctor diagnosed breast cancer, she knew exactly what to do. She had been a volunteer for five years at Greet the Day, an integrative oncology care group, and had witnessed first-hand the benefits of the restorative program. Now it was her turn to be on the receiving end.


Be What You Want to Become

We all know people who continue to say they are going to do something, but never do it, and then complain because they haven’t seen the results they want to see. And then there are the people who refuse to let what they are (or have been) hold them back from what they want to be.

fresh green salad with arugula and beets

What’s New? Nutrition Update from the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

Beets, genetics, and weight were just a few of the topics highlighted at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ 2014 Food & Nutrition Conference and Exposition. Here’s an update with some food for thought. Beets and arugula are powerful nitrate-rich foods that can enhance both athletic performance and your overall health. These vegetables are rich sources of dietary nitrate, a potent food compound that converts into nitric oxide (NO), a gas.