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Blue Skies Ahead

Like many people, I enjoy spending time outdoors in the summer. When it comes to wearing sunscreen though, I admit I’m not as diligent as I should be. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a time when baby oil was an acceptable tanning agent. As a young girl, I remember watching commercials on TV advertising cocoa butter for a deep dark tan and decided to see if regular butter would do the trick. When sunscreen with SPF was introduced, I really didn’t understand it.

Woman Receiving Massage

Oncology Massage by Kathy Flippin

Oncology massage is simply a massage in the context of someone going through cancer treatment. The most common cancer treatments are surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Because these treatments often leave “injured areas” such as surgical incisions, radiation burns and general system fatigue, we have to know how to work with these conditions, to be able to give a good massage without hurting them. Studies have also shown that individuals that receive massage require less anti-nausea and pain reducing medication.