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The Exercise Prescription

With the recent push for getting everybody moving, for some, Health Screening, Exercise Testing, Exercise Prescription as well as Fitness Programming are all areas where professional guidance may be necessary. The knowledge and experience of multiple Healthcare and Fitness Professionals combined provides a holistic approach for a lifetime of optimal health and well-being.

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Proper Nutrition for a Healthy Life

Over the past two decades, America has witnessed a rise in what many would agree to be “preventable deaths and diseases”. Now, in 2016, too many people are afflicted and losing the battle earlier in life from illnesses that used to be associated with the elderly including cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, arthritis, heart diseases, and the always visible obesity.

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Okay Isaac Newton, I think you were on to something here… according to your brilliant first law of physics, things will generally just keep doing what they are doing i.e.) either rest or move. This law can even be applied to the overall trend of our bodies; we are either generally at rest or generally in motion.

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Understand Cancer… Then We Can Understand The Role of Exercise in Cancer Prevention and Treatment

We who have our hearts and souls devoted to exercise for disease recovery, medical fitness, know not only the fun, endorphinating, energizing, beautiful physicality of exercise, but we also know the healing hands of exercise. Exercise truly holds the key to our inner magic kingdom. Our bodies are a wonderland. Wonderland has an inner ecosystem that like any ecosystem needs to be kept in balance. Chinese medicine describes our flow of Qi. Without the flow of Qi, our life’s force, the ecosystem is jolted out of balance.