Where to Begin When You Are Working Out With a Health Condition

The gym can be a confusing place especially for individuals with health concerns. Many times, these clients are trying to navigate their workouts by themselves because they are unsure of the appropriate questions that they need to ask. First of all, there are two different types of trainers. There are trainers who have a four year degree and certifications. These trainers are sometimes called Fitness Specialists and have had many

Skip these 5 Foods for Better Heart Health

There’s no shortage of marketing messages about what’s best for heart health and some of it is well, just plain wrong. Here’s my top 5 offenders – don’t believe their hype, choose my real deals instead. 1) The”Oat” cereals AKA the Sugar & chem lab project bombs – cereals like Honey nut cheerios & Honey bunches of oats or getting “fully loaded” oatmeal with added sugar & dried fruit –

Why do Yoga if you have Heart Disease or have had a Stroke?

Psychological stress has been shown to increase activation of the sympathetic nervous system and the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis. This increased activation releases adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol, which lead to faster heart rate, increased cardiac output, and narrower arteries. These changes, in turn, create increased blood pressure. Activation of these systems also accelerates the progress of atherosclerosis and can lead to acute plaque rupture, which results in ischemia of the heart (angina) and coronary heart disease and stroke.

The Role Anger Plays in Heart Attack Prevention

Everybody knows that if you want to prevent heart disease, you should exercise and eat a healthy diet, right? Well, that may not be true in every single case. While aerobic exercise can certainly lower blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol in the body, and control weight gain, research shows that working out while angry or upset may increase your risk of heart attack.

Sleep and Your Health

In the world of exercise and fitness, we constantly talk about nutrition. We are in the stages of making resolutions for 2017. Here is one I implore every person to mindfully add to their 2017 commitments – getting restorative sleep. We are going to talk about quality sleep, because the truth is quantity can vary greatly.