Proven and Tested Tips to Run Safely with Diabetes

According to statistics, in 2014, 8.5% of adults above 18 years old had diabetes. Sadly, the disease is also affecting the youths below the age of 20. Basically, what this means is the chances of getting the disease are becoming higher for everyone. Eating healthy and maintaining a good exercise routine are often thought of as preventive measures but the truth is they can work wonders even if you have

How You Can Fight Diabetes At Home

Unfortunately, diabetes is becoming a common disease in the United States and elsewhere. Some of that is genetic since you are at a higher risk if your parents had the disease, but an unhealthy lifestyle can contribute to it as well. When you received your diagnosis of diabetes, you had to make some immediate changes to keep your blood sugar in check. Taking prescriptions and insulin will help, but there

Stress Management and Diabetes

Diabetes, is left uncontrolled, can cause a whole host of health complications such as vision impairment and neuropathy. It is important to adhere to any instructions your doctor has given you to keep blood sugars controlled. Your physician may also educate you on exercise, diet and stress management to keep a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Anyone who suffers from chronic stress may have many health issues later in life. One

What You Need to Know about Exercise and Diabetes

Do you have type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, or prediabetes? Then you need to know that exercise is a cornerstone in the management of all of these conditions, and it can benefit your health in so many ways. Sometimes, being active can actually make it more challenging for you to manage your blood glucose (“blood sugar”) levels, unless you learn more about its effects. I have always known at

Health & Wellness Coaching for Diabetes

Managing Diabetes can be very complex. How can the diabetes patient be successful at creating a solid lifestyle plan involving healthy nutrition, increased activity and effective medical management? A study published by American Diabetes Association, Clinical Diabetes, state’s “Controlling diabetes to reduce the incidence of its complications rests largely on individual patients and requires vigorous self-management of the disease. Unfortunately, without sustained support, few people achieve their goals or master

Is Sitting Really the New Smoking?

Make no mistake: sitting less time overall is a good idea for myriad health reasons, but is sitting as bad for you as some would suggest? Is it really the new smoking? In 2017 alone, a slew of new research studies has looked at various health detriments associated with prolonged sitting, even in adults who exercise regularly. For adults with type 2 diabetes, bouts of either light walking or simple

Going Beyond Diabetes Treatment: Exercise!

There are many treatments for Type II Diabetes (which will be referred to simply as diabetes in this article) but none come with the level of benefits seen by the implementation of a proper exercise program. This is a tall order but exercise is effective for the treatment of insulin resistance and diabetes in three areas. These areas are inflammation, the cell mitochondria (where the cell generates power), and hyperinsulinemia

Top 8 Exercises For Diabetics

As a diabetic, you need to find ways to control your blood sugar levels. Getting your diabetes under control will help to prevent infection and other serious health problems. This is more than just following a healthy and balanced diet that is low in simple carbs and refined sugar.

3 Fitness & Diabetes Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

I want to talk to you about some of the biggest myths and misconceptions about diabetes. I am not talking about the misconceptions that non-diabetics often have about diabetes (even though those can be serious as well), but about the diabetes myths about food and fitness that newly diagnosed or even experienced diabetics that I meet believe.